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Designing and Building a House in a Seller’s Market

When it comes to real estate, we’re currently living in a seller’s market. Mortgage rates are low and there is a greater demand than supply for available homes across the country. While several factors have played into this market, the pandemic effect can’t be ignored. After being “stuck” at home for so long, people in […]

6 Tips to Create an Organized and Functional Kitchen

Your kitchen is the most functional area of the house. Even in the bathroom, you can just chill and relax but when you go to the kitchen, it’s for a purpose. Sure, you can sip your coffee behind an island or have your breakfast there but this is always preceded by a coffee/breakfast preparation process. […]

Traditional Styles of American Interior Design

Are you looking for new and interesting ways to start redecorating your home? Read on to explore the beauty of traditional styles of American interior design. Breaking outside the norm of home decorating is difficult, to say the least. Most stores and resale shops are crammed full of non-descript furniture or the same tired modern […]

How To Match Your Interior Design To Your House

Discover how to match your interior design to your house without a consultant. You can determine the best way to design your home with these tips. Whether you are starting from scratch in a new house or remodeling your home, it can be challenging to decide which interior design style to choose. One way to […]

Travel Tips for First-Time NYC Visitors

Planning your first visit to the Big Apple? Having a guide to fill your itinerary can help you structure your day so that you can experience NYC to the fullest. Touring New York City and everything it has to offer is a thrilling and fulfilling experience. Truly a melting pot of sights, tastes, cultures, and […]