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The American Writers Museum: Chicago’s Literary Treasure

A Must See Museum for the Literary Tourist While staying in Chicago on a two-day business trip, I had one free morning to sightsee. With so much to see and so little time to do so, I was faced with an anxiety-inducing decision. I wanted an experience off the beaten path of well-trodden tourist attractions […]

Five Easy Tips for Hiding an Air Conditioner

This is a contributed post that contains affiliate links The mercury is rising in the thermometer, and it’s starting to get too hot to enjoy the home you’ve put so much effort into. A big ugly air conditioning unit can ruin the aesthetics of your decor, or detract away from the furniture that was so […]

Lake Nona’s Neo Urban Lifestyle Redefines Orlando

 A Wellness “City Within a City” In this Neo Urban Community, Keeping Up with the Joneses Means Staying Fit, Healthy & Happy Once upon a time, housing developments in Orlando morphed into suburban sprawl spawned by affordable land far outside of the city core developed into master planned communities. Lured by amenities such as golf […]

How to Create a Home that Supports Your Well-Being and Reduces Stress

Your home is your sanctuary – a place where you should feel your most comfortable and inspired. It’s also the place where you recharge and make memories with your family. You want it to not only be a space that helps keep your family running smoothly, then, but one that provides a sense of security […]

5 Ways Your Home Decor Could Be Keeping You From Success

Home decor inspired by autumn

This is a contributed blog post that contains affiliate links We all, in our own way, strive for success. We may all have different parameters for success, but that doesn’t prevent us from striving for it. Some will stop short of nothing but total domination of the business world, others will simply be happy to […]

Home Healthy Home: Why Wellness is a Way of Life in Lake Nona

The WHIT House in Lake Nona Welcomes The Future of Wellness How this “city within a city” focuses on ROW (Return on Wellness) rather than ROI In our current cultural moment of wellness obsession and self-care, we expect all areas of our lives to enhance our sense of well being from the clothes we wear […]

2019 Tile Trends for Home Interiors

Tile is the StoryTeller in Home Decor for 2019 The 2019 Coverings Show held in Orlando brings together ceramic and porcelain tile manufacturers from around the globe debuting the latest in tile style.  I attended a press tour at the Coverings Show hosted by Ryan Fasan, Tile of Spain Consultant and Ceramic Tile Specialist to […]