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Ways to Transform a Spare Room & Maximize Space in Your Home

Maximize the space in your house and build the home of your dreams without breaking the bank with these three simple ways to transform a spare room.

Space is one of the biggest commodities for many homeowners, and when you’re treated to a sudden expanse of empty space, it can be hard to find the perfect way to fill it. Whether you’re a new empty-nester looking to renovate your kids’ old bedrooms or you’re looking to renovate an old storage room into a space with a bit more purpose, remodeling a spare room is one of the best ways to make the most of the available space in your house. Below are a few great ways to transform a spare room so that you can start building the home of your dreams.

Home office

One of the most popular ways to transform a spare room is to create a home office. This renovation option is so popular because it’s simple and because it requires very little time, money, or effort. A home office is also a very versatile space—it can work with almost any room, regardless of dimensions. Home offices are very popular among individuals who frequently bring work home with them, own and operate their own business, or have the ability to work from home. They’re also popular among people looking for a quiet space to pursue their creative endeavors or hoping to pen their first novel. Many people also combine their home offices with a home library, often separating the room into two sections. One section, intended for work, may hold a desk, while the other—intended for taking a much-needed break from that work—might hold a comfortable seating area.


Renovating a spare room to become a playroom is a great option for homeowners with young children. Providing the kids with a space that’s entirely theirs—where they can play and create to their hearts’ content—will not only please the kids, but also help keep all the other rooms of your house free of toys, books, and coloring utensils. When decorating the playroom, consider asking for your kids’ input as to the style and design they’d like to see. This will help them feel more involved in the whole process and make the space feel more personal for them. When the space feels more comfortable and personal, they’ll be more likely to spend time there, and you’ll be able to keep other areas of your house free of kiddie clutter.

Home gym

Home gyms are also a very popular renovation idea for spare rooms. As health and wellness becomes increasingly important, and as more and more people seek to make healthy changes in their lives, home gyms only continue to grow in popularity. Like a home office, home gyms are very versatile, and you can adapt them to fit you individual goals and needs. Your home gym can be as complex or as minimalist as you like, and you can outfit it to accommodate your favorite workouts. When designing your home gym, be sure to carefully consider the size of the room. Allot the appropriate amount of space between pieces of equipment and exercise areas to ensure your continued safety while you’re working out in the space.


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