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Ways to Add Personality to Your Apartment Rental

Are you bored with the dull feel of your rental? Spruce up the space with our favorite ways to add personality to your apartment rental—you won’t regret it!

Whether you’re a college student or constantly on the move, something about living in a rental can seem impersonal. You often aren’t allowed to paint the walls; you may not love the structure of the apartment; or maybe you just haven’t had time to make it feel like home. No matter what the case, you deserve to live in a space that oozes comfort and individuality. To help you find your way to the perfect space, we’ve included some of our favorite ways to add personality to your apartment rental.

Switch Out the Lighting Fixtures

Lighting in apartments can be pretty rough. Dull fixtures, gaudy fixtures—you name it, and there’s probably an apartment with it. Lighting is an essential aspect of your home, so making it your own will do a lot for the space’s overall personality. Instead of sticking with the unsightly light fixtures, switch them out for fixtures that you like (and store the originals until you move out). It’s an easy way to update your space!

Add a Colorful Rug

There are various reasons to get a colorful rug, and adding personality is just one of them! In general, rugs do wonders for anchoring your space, and they add a wonderful warmth as well. If you want to update your space, then finding a rug that fits your personality is a fantastic idea. You can also try out different shapes and sizes.

Purchase Unique Dinnerware

Believe it or not, you don’t have to stick to the standardized apartment kitchen. Sure, you may not be able to switch out all the appliances, but you can add personality in other ways. Think about adding colorful and unique dinnerware—from patterned cups and plates to cute serving trays. You could also ask the property manager if you can change the cabinets to glass fronts so you can show off those new plates!

Use Double-Duty Furniture

Double-duty furniture is the way to go for both comfortable seating and extra storage space, especially for smaller apartments. Decorating your apartment rental with comfortable, multifunctional furniture of your choosing will make organizing the space that much easier. Figuring out how to make room for both a couch and storage space is hard enough, so make it easier on yourself by combining the two. This will leave more room for creative play!

Decorate with Art

Artwork is typically the main way that people add personality to their homes, and that’s because it simply makes a home your own. With all the various artforms, colors, patterns, brushstrokes, and mediums out there, finding works of art that fit your personality is easy. Whether you choose a massive piece that covers the wall or smaller works scattered throughout the home, there are plenty of ways to make your apartment your own with just a couple of wall hangings.

Play with Shelving

Another excellent way to add more storage options and personalize your apartment is to play with your shelving options. Utilize all the space your apartment rental allows with corner shelves, vertical shelving, and other unique shelving ideas. These shelves will add more space for you to showcase your interests—from family portraits to favorite books and movies. There’s something enchanting about a home filled with love.

Don’t trap yourself in a home without the vibrance and spirit you’re full of! Follow these tips and watch your place come to life.

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