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Using Interior Style Lessons In Your Garden

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The skills you need to create a cozy and welcoming interior style are different from the knowledge and experience of garden landscaping designer. Ultimately, it’s fair to say that choosing the wallpaper for the nursery room is not the same thing than deciding where to put the apple tree. As a result, homeowners tend to decide very early in their decor journey where their forte lies.

There is no denying that home decor and garden landscaping require different sets of expertise. At home, you need to have a good understanding of the material and fabric you want to bring into your decor, for the simple reason that it will be crucial to its maintenance. Additionally, you need to know how to measure your space precisely, as failure to do so can lead to a lot of troubles trying to make furniture fit in tight corners! Besides, you’re likely to learn new skills as you get used to decorating your home, such as painting walls, tiling floors, and even making shelves. On the other hand, gardening implies a knowledge of the soil and the plants. You need to know where each pant is likely to bloom in the garden, whether you need a sunny spot or a pot in the shadow. In short, we are quick to accept that there are no transferable skills between your indoors and your outdoors.

But, as surprising as it might sound, some of the lessons you learn while decorating your home can be directly and successfully applied to your garden. Are you ready to create a comfortable, stylish, and unique garden style that reflects your personality? Dig into your knowledge as a DIY home decor designer with these tips:

Creating a cozy furniture set

When you are considering ways of populating and transforming your living space indoors, the choice of furniture plays a significant role in creating an ambiance. More often than not, new homeowners believe that the only way to transform their decor is to change the furniture. In reality, the secret to giving your room a brand new feel is to rearrange the furniture.  You may not be able to replace your table, chairs, and sofa each time you want to change the decor. More importantly, you may not need to. But considering new ways of dividing the space by switching the sofa and a set of shelves, for instance, can act as a powerful style update.

Similarly, when you consider your garden furniture, you can apply the same principle. For instance, moving your favorite chairs directly by the grass area can dramatically redefine the mood outdoors. In an era where many homeowners choose to keep their outdoor furniture by a patio against a house, rearranging the furniture can help you to make the most of your outdoors.

Find a color palette that elevates your decor

If you’ve been involved in a decorating project that overlooked the entire house, you’ve probably spent a lot of time choosing the best color palette for your interior. Did you know that painting walls is the most common DIY interior improvement for new homeowners? The reason is simple; by choosing your colors, you can inject your personality into your home, making it yours from Day One. As time passes, it’s not uncommon to want to refresh your style by changing the paint color. Ultimately, you can elevate your interior to new heights with smart color pairing, Complimentary colors when playing with opposites is a fantastic choice to revive your space, for instance. When it comes to your garden, admittedly, there is no wall to paint. But, what’s you’ve about color coordination, creating a sense of warmth and peace can also spice up your garden space. A combination of deep shades of green and purple acts like a pop of color in an already green garden. You can choose to add colorful accessories, such as a cushion cover for instance. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also respray your outdoor furniture using specialist paint, for example.

Focusing on chemical-free cleaning products

If you’re worried about maintaining your indoor air clean, you’ve probably made the switch towards chemical-free cleaning products. More and more households are considering cleaning products that are not only safe to use with pets and children under the same roof, but that are also gentle on the fabrics and materials. What does it have to do with interior design, you ask? Everything. The solutions you choose to maintain your interior naturally affect your decor and style. It’s not uncommon for households that have chosen to purchase environmentally-friendly furniture made with sustainably-sourced materials to consider how they can support their green ethics in other areas at home, which inspired their choice of cleaning products. Similarly, when safety and green values are essential at home, they also become a priority in your garden, such as choosing the safe and gentle products for your lawn or your grass – you can get helpful advice on specialist websites such as Ultimately, keeping a green lifestyle is about managing both your indoors and outdoors!

Creating a sensory experience

An inviting home is not only a home that looks good but also a home that smells good! Real estate agents know well that homes that smell of freshly baked cookies and brewed coffee are more likely to sell quickly. Even when you’re not trying to sell your property, injecting fragrances to your decor can create a cozy, peaceful and stylish experience. How does it affect your garden? It’s simple. You’re in charge of designing a welcoming sensory feeling in your outdoor lounge. For instance, planting fragrant rose bushes to surround your seating area can make everyone feel relaxed. If you want an energizing sensation, minty smells – such as a fresh mint bush – can go a long way!

Feng Shui for your garden

If you’re familiar with the Feng Shui decor tips, you need to know that they can transform your garden too. Indeed, Feng Shui advises on the presence of the five elements: Wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Hence, the addition of elementary designs, from a water feature to metal sculpture, can build a harmonious outdoor style.

In conclusion, if you’re a seasoned home decorator, you can apply your knowledge and experience to create a welcoming, elegant, ethical, and stylish garden area. Every design project, whether indoors or outdoors, brings your home closer to your heart.

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