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These Top Tips will Make Your Home feel Super Welcoming

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If you are worried because you are not sure if your home is welcoming enough or if you feel as though you need your home to be more inviting then here are some top tips that will help you to get started.

It’s All About The Lighting

Mood lighting isn’t for romance at all. When you set the lighting, you need to take into account the guests that you are having over. For example, if you know that you are going to have friends over for a few drinks then you may want to have the wall lights turned on and the overhead lights turned off. If you are having someone over for coffee on the other hand then you may want to do the opposite. By taking into account the people who you are going to have over, you can then be sure to really provide them with a super welcoming atmosphere.


Textures are incredibly important when it comes to coziness. If you want to make your home feel more welcoming then try and surround your room with things that are nice to touch. This can include smooth blankets, fluffy cushions and even smooth wooden furniture as well. The more things that you can do to make your home feel less rigid, the more welcoming it will feel in general. Honeycomb cellular shades are also a fantastic option, as you can control the amount of light that comes into a room.

Layer Up!

You really do need to focus on layers when you do style your home. You need to focus on having things like pillows, blankets and everything else that you can think of so that you can have a super plush and a very cozy relaxing time. Of course, if you need some more ideas then consider having things like throws or even things like teddy bears as well. This can make a huge difference in the comfort level of your home and it can also make it feel way warmer.

Intimate Seating

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It’s super important that you don’t place your seating too far apart. When you do this, you then create a sense of distance between your guests and this is the last thing that you want. If you want to avoid this then try and place your seating very close together and try and have some sort of table in-between as well. This will create a sense of space but it will also help you to create a sense of intimacy as well which is ideal when you want to make your guests feel incredibly comfortable from the moment they arrive. Of course, if you want to step things up even more then consider adding a rug in-between as well. This will create a sense of warmth and it will also help you to give your guests some added comfort as well.

So there are so many things that you can do to try and make the most out of your home design and by taking into account the above tips, you can be sure to make your guests feel more welcome than ever before.


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