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Tips for Getting Your Wardrobe Ready for Spring

Kiss bulky sweaters and puffy parkas goodbye as your prepare for April showers and May flowers with these tips for getting your wardrobe ready for spring.

Spring is right around the corner, and it’s time to start preparing for warmer, slightly wetter weather. It may seem a bit premature, but getting a jump on your spring cleaning will set you up for success when the season finally hits in full. This season, consider extending your spring cleaning chores to your closet as well. These tips for getting your wardrobe ready for spring will reduce some of the clutter in your closet so that you can pick the perfect outfit every time.

Store seasonal items

The first and foremost tip for getting your wardrobe ready for spring is to place seasonal items into storage. Depending on where you live, you may consider keeping a few heavier items in rotation just in case there’s a burst of harsh weather, but in general, you should store all winter items until next season. Winter wear tends to be quite bulky, and it likely occupies the majority of space in your closet. Placing these items into storage will free up some closet space for more seasonally appropriate clothing items. Be sure to wash and mend all items before placing them into storage. This will ensure that they maintain their integrity and that they’ll look just like new when you wear them again next winter. As you prepare your winter items for storage, you can also set aside certain pieces for donation.

Transition to lighter layers

Once you have safely stored away your winter wear, you can start bringing out your lighter layers. When you bring your spring and summer items out of storage, be sure to take careful inventory of the items in your arsenal. Take stock not only of the number of items you own, but also the styles and colors of each item. This will give you a better idea of the items at your disposal, and envisioning potential outfits will be easier. When establishing your spring wardrobe, try to choose clothing items that you can easily layer with one another. This will ensure you’re always warm and dry no matter what the weather brings, and it will increase the number of outfits you can create as well.

Establish ready-to-go outfits

It’s a tale as old as time: you gaze deeply into your closet full of beautiful and comfortable clothing items, only to find you have absolutely nothing to wear. The best way to avoid this common wardrobe woe is to establish a few ready-to-go outfits ahead of time. Put together a few ready-made outfit options for a variety of different activities, such as work, school, date night, or daily errands. Bear in mind that springtime weather can be quite fickle, so it may be in your best interests to choose a few different outfit options for each potential weather situation. April showers are all too common, so make sure to style several ready-to-go rainy-day outfits just in case.

Make a wardrobe wish list

Perhaps the most fun part of preparing your wardrobe for spring is building your new wardrobe wish list. With the help of your current closet inventory and ready-to-go outfit ideas, you’ll be able to create a more clear-cut wish list for future clothing acquisitions. Instead of aimlessly shopping around the mall and purchasing whatever items fit your current fancy, you can use your wardrobe wish list to make more mindful decisions.

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