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How Tech Can Help Your Next DIY Project

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Have you ever taken on a DIY project and gotten in way over your head? Or perhaps you’ve tackled a majority of a project only to find you need to add in a few more steps that you weren’t prepared for. These are common occurrences for homeowners, especially those who are rather new to DIY projects. But before you throw in the towel or call an expensive pro, you should know there are a lot of home improvement apps out there that can help you get the job done yourself.

From apps that can inspire those finishing decor touches to those that will help you calculate how much supplies you need to buy at the hardware store, there is plenty of tech created with DIY-ers in mind. And bonus — most of them are free to use!

home reno igApps for Measuring and Designing

Often the very first step in any DIY project, designing your project’s layout and measuring your space isn’t as easy as it seems. Not only do you need to keep all your ideas and measurements straight, but depending on your home’s current layout, you may be dealing with curved walls or awkward corners that complicate the process.

Thankfully, DIY-ers who have been in your situation before have put their heads together to create apps that help to solve even the trickiest measuring and design issues. To ensure all your measurements are correct, try out apps like Home Improvement Calcs, Photo Measures and RoomScan Pro. But if you’re still designing your home’s new layout, you can download the magicplan, Roomle 3D & AR room planner or Home Design 3D apps to ensure your home flows the way you want it to. There are even apps like iScape for designing landscaping projects.

Apps to Help Decorate and Inspire

Young couple using laptop during home improvement
Young couple using laptop during home improvement

While many DIY-ers may think they “just don’t have the interior design eye” seen on popular Netflix and HGTV shows, you should know that inspiration is only a quick download away. Whether you are decorating a dining room, trying to pick the perfect wallpaper or you’re just looking to get inspiration for a total home remodeling project, there are plenty of apps out there that will help you get inspired and find the perfect pieces for your home.

Apps like Pinterest, roOomy and Pantone Studio are great for browsing and creating a mood board that speaks to your style. While other apps like Chairish, Ikea Place and Havenly: Interior Design not only let you browse through ideas, but they also let you purchase pieces directly from the app as well. There are even apps that let you chat directly with an interior designer to create the perfect look! (Though those apps often come with fees).

To learn more about the best apps for your next project, as well as expert tips on other tech to add to your home, check out the infographic below from the team at Hippo. Have a favorite app not included on this list? Let us know how it’s helped your most recent project down in the comments below!

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