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How to Take Advantage of Vertical Space

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving into a brand-new space or you want to remodel your current living area—take advantage of every nook and cranny you have!

Every homeowner wants to make their home as great as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a studio condo or a four-bedroom house—maximizing your home’s space is optimal for creating your dream house. If you’re a homeowner, then you need to follow these tips on how to take advantage of vertical space to free up your rooms. Do this once, and you’ll be good to go for a while!

Add a Vertical Garden

Use your wall space to grow your favorite herbs or vegetables. A vertical garden allows natural elements to spread across your living space. Plus, a wall-mounted garden is the perfect piece of décor for your wall, and it’ll leave your home smelling fresh and vibrant. Even houseplants are great additions; try hanging the plants from hooks or placing them in hanging baskets. They’re cheap, and they require minimal maintenance.

Place High Open Shelves

Installing floating shelves above doorways will make your room feel more open. Items that were previously at eye level will now go above your headspace, clearing up room and making it feel more spacious. You can also replace the cabinets in your kitchen with open shelves to show off your dishes and trinkets. Open shelving will also push you to reorganize your items.

Invest in Some Hanging Decorations

A nice art piece or hanging poster can go a long way in restyling your home. Vertical installations grab your guest’s attention. Suspend glass pieces near windows to allow natural light to illuminate the room. Another perk to having hanging decorations is that you can always take down pieces you’re tired of or that you want to replace.

Reevaluate Your Color and Lighting

Another way to maximize your empty wall space is to be smart with your lighting. Use track lights for a hanging light effect, or paint the room a lighter color to reflect more natural light. Using a different color or wallpaper on your ceiling will make people look up and really appreciate all the space. You can also add color through paintings and pottery pieces—anything bright will make your room stand out. Stripes can play into the optical illusion that your room is more spacious than it is.

Make the Most Out of Tight Spaces

A great way to maximize space in your living area is to invest in some slim storage units. Hanging closet organizers, rolling shelves, and bathroom shelving units are great for optimizing every square foot. Hanging closet organizers make your closets tidy and spacious and easily clear up space for your clothes or shoes. Another way to use all your room is with slim rolling shelves. These can fit in crevices that are only a few inches wide. Store your spices, condiments, and kitchen tools here. You can also optimize your bathroom space with storage units in and around your shower and toilet. A tension rod with built-in wire baskets is perfect for storing your soaps and shampoos. Likewise, a vertical shelving unit around your toilet can hold your toilet paper, soaps, and aromatics.

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