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The New Face of the Workplace

The Latest Design Trends from NeoCon 2018 Create a Home Away from Home As the office looks and feels more like home, architects and designers are ramping up the wellness factor. This growing concern for employee well-being brings into focus biophilic design concepts and sustainability all aimed at creating healthier commercial spaces. At NeoCon 2018, held in […]

The Glass House: 2018 Metro Designer Showhouse 

The Glass House: 2018 Metro Designer Showhouse opens its doors through June 30. The showhouse pairs leading designers with distinguished national and global home furnishings brands including Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Design Within Reach, Pera Design, Williams Sonoma, Lazzoni, and The Italian Design Center at Michelangelo, features 12,000 square feet of waterfront on-trend living spaces. The […]

3 Design Trends You Need to Know

Hygge: The most talked about lifestyle trend of 2017, Hygge is a way of being and decorating comes from the Danes and is firmly anchored in their culture. Hygge ( pronounced “hoo’gah” —who knew?) The style philosophy stands for coziness and peace of mind. The soothing color scheme is typically Scandinavian hues of soft beiges […]

Four Spaces Driving Design

Space-Shifting for the Future  A recent statistic by Heimtextil, the global textile trade fair, estimates that by 2030, the world will have 41 megacities with over 40 million inhabitants. This demographic shift is known as “the great urban migration” and will shape how we live, work, consume and socialize. As designers, architects and urban planners […]

Wallpaper Goes Big For Wow Walls

Wallpaper Goes Big with Maxi Motifs & Large Scale Patterns for Trending Home Style William Morris made wallpaper fashionable in the 19th century with his nature motifs taken from British wildlife. Since the mid-1800s, wallpaper has fallen in and out of style. Today, patterned walls are back in a big way with maxi-motifs often inspired by […]