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Stylish Ways to Design a Small Living Space

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This is a contributed post by freelance writer Liz Buckley

It does not matter if you are moving into a new place or you want to renovate your current living space, every homeowner wants to make their living space as good as possible. However, all spaces present their design challenges, but since the living area is where you spend most of your time, designing or decorating a small one can be quite challenging. You need to know how to strike a balance between squeezing in extra seats and making the room appear as spacious as possible. If you are a homeowner, then here is a list of useful tips from bestvacuumexpert that  you can use when designing a small living space.

Use wallpapers and mirrors

Bedroom with wallpaper
Bedroom with wallpaper, bed and walk in wardrobe

A small living space, especially one with small windows, can appear a little bit boxed in. You can boost light, add some depth, and create a focal point by papering your wall and also hanging some mirrors on top. If possible, you can position some mirrors across from one of your windows. The mirrors will reflect the outside view, giving the feel of an additional window.

You can center the main seat on your papered wall, fringed by one pair of matching lamps and side tables. A large woven divan can serve as an extra seat or a coffee table. If you have some room, you can work in a small-scale extra chair or even two across from the main seat in this kind of arrangement.

Add a hidden storage

Elegant and creative open space
Elegant, creative, geometric open space interior design with colorful elements, stylish fireplace, stairs and big dog sleeping on a rug

To limit clutter, you can buy furniture with built-in storage. A storage divan or trunk can also act as a coffee table as well. You can try putting a small credenza or a small chest of drawers along the perimeter of the living space instead of console tables to boost your storage options. Rather than having small pieces of furniture like a bookshelf, a chest, eat up space, you can devote an entire wall of the room for storage.

You can customize a floor-to-ceiling wall to contain everything from a media center to books and maybe a pull-down desk as well. By doing that, you will be limiting clutter in your living space, which will, in turn, make your cleaning routine easy since all you need is a handheld vacuum to eliminate dirt and dust.

Select small-scale furniture

Stylish interior with striped wallpaper
Stylish cozy home interior with striped wallpaper, sofa and cupboards

Generally, there’s more to living space furniture than just bulky armchairs and full-size sofas. Antique shops are also great places to check when you are looking for small-sized furniture since the average size of any room was quite small until the very last half-century. Look for some small settees, chairs, and love seats that can work well for your living space.

Maximize the angles of your living space

Wallpaper with crosses in bedroom
White wallpaper with black crosses in kid’s bedroom with ladder, poster and yellow pouf

If your living room is awkwardly shaped, it can be challenging to decorate. However, no space or room is ever too odd for stunning decor. You can easily turn an awkward wall into a center point. For instance, you can turn the vertical area around your bedroom door into an amazing salon-style gallery wall. If you are not sure where you should put your sofa, you can choose wallpapers with bold patterns to establish a focal point in a living space with an odd shape. Here the wallpaper featuring peonies will anchor the living space.

A great hanging poster or nice art piece can go a pretty long way when it comes to restyling your living space. According to The Design Tourist, vertical installations can grab the attention of your guests while suspending glass pieces close to the windows allow natural lighting to illuminate the living room. The other advantage of having some hanging decorations in your living room is that you can take down some of the pieces you are tired of or those you would like to replace at any time.

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