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Storage with Style: Making the Most of Your Home Storage Space

One of the most challenging aspects of maintaining your stylish home is finding room to store all of your belongings. A home that’s lived in isn’t always necessarily an orderly one. Balancing work, family, and regular life is stressful enough without having to organize, declutter, and tidy. 

Something that pushes people away from organized storage is that the equipment is often quite ugly. Chests, trunks, and storage boxes, although useful, can be eyesores that take from the beauty of your home. 

However, what’s overlooked by a lot of people is that there are storage options that not only blend into your home design, but they enhance it. From creative furniture pieces to perfectly designed dual-duty items, you can make the most of the space in your home while keeping it stylish. 

Here are six perfect storage tips for homeowners everywhere.

Dual-duty furniture

Some furniture pieces are designed to have multiple functions. These are perhaps the most useful additions if you have a small home or living space. Pull out sofas can serve as your regular living room relaxation spot, then double up as a bed when you are having guests. Make the most of dead space areas, such as the room under your bed. Install drawers or use this area for containers and boxes. 

Built-in storage


Bright living room with couch
Bright living room with couch, table and many books on the shelf

Built-in storage utilities can be installed in every room of your house. An integrated bookshelf in your living room gives off a very slick and neat look. Built-in wardrobes give off a polished look while making the most of your space. 

Stand-alone furniture and appliances work well as statement pieces, but built-in storage can blend into the surroundings, add a touch of class, and fulfill a vital role. 

Chic drawers

An elegant chest of drawers is the perfect example of functional household furniture that can boast decorative flair. Found in many different rooms of the house, this furniture comes in several designs, sizes, shapes, and colors. Most importantly, chests of drawers are designed especially for storage. 

Floating shelves

Blue living room with shelves and door
Blue living room with shelves and closed white door – 3d rendering

Floating shelves provide ample storage without the bulky appearance of more traditional shelving units. They are very adaptable and can be created to suit any style of interior design. Coated and painted timber shelves can suit a modern look, while more natural and rough materials may suit a more old-time design. 

Crafty coffee table

Coffee Table
Coffee Table

A good coffee table is an essential for any living room. It can serve as a focal point for conversations, drinks, or a TV dinner. It can also double up as a foot-rest when you are kicking back and relaxing. 

Coffee tables are often built with useful storage compartments. Some are multi-layered, while others are almost trunk-like in their design. If your living room is getting cramped, look to a crafty coffee table for some extra storage.

Ottoman furniture

Sofa in living room
Big grey sofa in spacious living room with staircase

Ottoman furniture is the leading light when it comes to multipurpose and stylish furniture. As standalone furniture pieces, these items can be stunning accessories. They are the perfect relaxation aid for your living room or bedroom. 

When it comes to storage, they come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. They are designed to hide their storage compartment, providing optimal style as well as maximum practicality. 


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