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Staying Or Going: Making The Right Choice When It Comes To Your Property

Many homeowners will face a decision at some point as to whether they should stay in their current residence or decide to move on. Many factors can bring this decision to the surface including needing more space, a change in job or just want the chance to move up on the property ladder. Even having just been through the lockdown period can cause you to realize that your home either suits your family or no longer fits your needs. Making the decision can be quite difficult as there are benefits and negatives to both. Here is a breakdown of the debate that will hopefully help you make a better decision.

The argument to stay 

There could be various reasons why you would like to stay in your home. One of the main reasons being that you like the area in which you live. Maybe you get on with your neighbors or perhaps you like your street. It could be close to schools or just be a lovely area to live in. Staying means that you get to save on the moving costs as well, as this can be quite pricey to move house. Not just with the moving costs but it can also be pricey in terms of an increased mortgage payment and monthly bills. 

Of course, there may be temptations to move house, such as needing more space, or maybe wanting a large living area or garden perhaps. These tend to be the reasons to move house but if you would really like to stay then there are other things you could do. Extending your home, if it’s possible, is a great way to get the living space you crave without needing to buy a new place. It can be an upheaval when it comes to the builders, but it could also add a lot of value to your home so in the long run, it could be worth the investment. It could help you to stay where you love. Here are some of the factors to think about in more detail. 

Investing to make your home work for you

When it comes to your home you may want to do what you can to ensure that you invest in it, so that it works for you. If you plan on spending money, you will want to ensure that the decorative changes you are making are what will be suitable for you and your family. Some of the big investments can include the bathroom and kitchen. With that kitchen, you may love the idea of colorful units, jazzy work surfaces, and copper sinks. For a bathroom, you may want to invest in stunning tiles or a layout that works for you. Investments in the big-ticket rooms are not lost as they can add huge value to your home. Thus not only making the investment work for you but can be valuable to you should you decide to move in the future. We also mentioned that you could potentially extend and make other big changes to make your family home work for you. 

Decorating how you see fit

There is nothing like decorating your home with just you in mind. If you are needing to sell then you may choose beige walls and unimaginative rooms to appeal to the masses. But if you plan on staying, you can decorate your home exactly how you would like to. This could mean walls colored in your favorite colors or prints, or even just using rooms the exact way you want to instead of how you think they should be utilized. 

Knowing the area and feeling settled 

One of the big reasons people choose to stay when it comes to their homes is because they know the area and feel settled. You may have grown accustomed to being a certain distance from the shops, or feel settled because your children are happy in their schools. You may love how close it is to the city or how much it is rural and in the countryside. We all have our different reasons for being settled in a specific area, and that can be one of the biggest reasons people choose to stay and then improve their homes so they don’t have to move. 

open house 2328984 1920The argument to go

There may be a lot of reasons why you might want to move house. One is that you need to for job purposes or to get closer to desirable schools for your children. It could be that you simply want a bigger house, or the chance to put your own stamp on the place by renovating the kitchen or the bathroom. A new house can be a challenge, and moving is always going to be a stressful thing to go through, but the costs, including moving, solicitors, and an increase in a mortgage may be cheaper initially in the short term than paying out to extend your home. 

There are some advantages to move house, and it could be seen as a new chapter in your life. Sometimes properties can hold bad memories if things have happened to you in the past while you were living there. Things such as burglaries, or loss, as an example. So moving could give you that chance to wipe the slate clean. Moving might also present a new lifestyle, reducing your commute to work, or being closer to a village or town perhaps. 

When it comes to selling your home, we always want the best possible price for our homes. After all, the more money that you make, the more you can invest in your new place. But you may be wondering if there is anything you can do before having to sign on the dotted line. The answer is yes. Here are some of the considerations you may want to think about if you are planning on selling your home. 

Think about the first impressions 

The first impression really counts when it comes to your home. This is what people see as they drive up to it, this is the appearance that is made, so you may want to ensure it is a positive one. This means you might want to invest in the gardens, and a landscaping services company could be a viable option to make the best use of your outside space. It isn’t just about the garden though, it is the general appearance as well. Clean windows, cleared out gutters, a tidy driveway, they can all help to give off the best first impression of your home. 

Keep the decor neutral

The next thing you might want to consider is the interior decor. You might have decorated it exactly to your taste, and there is nothing wrong with that, but when selling you need to think of the bigger picture. A neutral shade can make a room feel larger and airy, as well as allowing any potential buyers to imagine their own spin on the place without being distracted by color or patterned walls from wallpaper. It might seem like hard work, but overall it could help you get the best possible price for your home. 

Get rid of the clutter

Just like color can be distracting, so can clutter. Too many things around your home can make a room feel messy and less desirable to move into. A great tip is to declutter your home for good before putting it up for sale and stage your home for the selling purpose. Pack up things that don’t serve a purpose and store them ready for your new home. It helps you home to look like a blank canvas, which then helps others to gain imagine their own things in your home or living in it themselves. 

Invest before selling?

Some say that investing in your home before selling is a false economy, but the right sorts of investments could really help you to gain as much money for your home as possible. That might be big investments like a new kitchen or bathroom, or smaller investments like making use of different spaces, new flooring or windows, and doors. These might be things someone would have had to do anyway, and often people don’t want the hassle of work so pay more for homes that are finished. It might be worth the investment, but if you are not sure speak to an agent and ask about the difference in advertising price and work out if it is worth it to you. 

So there you have it, the debate between deciding to stay and deciding to go when it comes to your home. They both have their pros and cons that can help you decide either way. Moving home has its fair share of stress, but equally staying can give you that as you decide to make the home improvements the property needs. Let’s hope to share them with you today can help you to make the right choice when it comes to your home and deciding what is right for you. 


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