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How To Stage Your Bedroom To Sell

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When you want to sell a house, there is a secret to doing it. You need to stage it. You need to set it up so that if someone walks into your house, they can take one look and want to buy it. It doesn’t matter whether you want to sell it to make more money or you’re downsizing to a new property, you need to make sure that you can pull in those buyers and get an offer on your house.

Empty houses are far harder to sell because buyers like to have a visual on what they’re buying rather than trying to picture what furniture could look like on an empty floor. It’s also true that if your home is too cluttered and too busy, you could put buyers off. They want clean lines, tidy furniture and a room that has just enough furniture that they can see what they would like to do with it. There are many things that you can do with your house, but your bedroom is going to sell it for most. They say it’s the kitchen that’s the selling point, but if you put a female buyer in a master bedroom with no closet space, she’s going to look away quicker than you think! So, follow the staging rules below and you will be able to sell your home in no time at all.

Less is more when it comes to your bedroom. Find the nearest mattress store and buy yourself a new mattress to use in the lead up to your house sale. It’s an investment because a bed with a new mattress topped with pillows and comforters is going to look even, cozy and comfortable in your bedroom. A dilapidated mattress with lumps doesn’t look so inviting and inviting is what you want!

Creating a budget is another important rule of staging. You have to invest a little money to make a little back, and your budget has to be clean and stuck to the whole time. Even if your budget is a little one, you can paint your bedside tables or hang some framed art just to give your room a little more of a boost.

Open the windows and let in some natural light, especially if it’s a summery day. Net curtains should not be covering the windows during the selling period, because you want as much light as possible to flood the room and brighten it up. Make sure that your curtains and treatments on your windows are color matched to the rest of the room and don’t be afraid to get stuck in with some window cleaner for that extra shine.

It doesn’t hurt to bring in carpet cleaners before you put your home on the market. A thick, clean and beautiful carpet in the bedroom is a huge selling point for your house and can be what you need to impress.

Take time to stage your bedroom and get it as tidy as possible, and you can sell your home in no time.

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