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Spruce up your patio with the perfect furniture and the perfect cover to create a statement

One of the most remarkable things about an outdoor space is that patio. You sit on it and soak up the sun in glory. Whether you’ve experienced in concrete paving or you’re a terrific gardener, there are easy ways to bring shine to your backyard area.

  • The most dramatic yet practical way is to add a beautiful patio table cover. In addition to offering protection and shade, the perfect patio cover can also add immense visual interest and character to your space.
  • From premium wooden pergolas that those beautiful flowers and vines can climb to modern sunroofs that fortify your outdoor furniture from every element, there’s an ideal patio cover for each homeowner.
  • A pergola is a stunning way to infuse visual character to your lawn, especially with catchy climbing vines. A dining table there can make the perfect statement.
  • Natural light covers are great. A solid sunroof (glass) soaks in light and thwarts elements. A retractable product can provide the necessary coverage and filter out sunshine as well.

Get the look

Patio furnitureAlthough your patio may look perfectly neat and picturesque, a lot of cleaning goes on behind-the-scenes to get the perfect look. Every stick, leaf, and all types of debris fall onto the furniture and patio. The surrounding garden will also grow.

  • To protect the pillows and cushions from the trees and weather, you can cover it with the right cloth. The area beneath the screen porch also deserves attention. You need to change the cushions and their covers from time to time.
  • It’s safe to pile them up in the deck as they are safe from moisture or water there, but you cannot classify them as clean. Do remember that when you stack up piles of covers and cushions everywhere, it’s not going to create a compact feel.
  • Classic accessories can provide new covers. You don’t need to haul up dozens of linens back and forth.

Patio furniture covers

Dimensions are important and you need to have the right covers for your outdoor set. Often, you have manufacturers making covers only for their pieces. It’s prudent to check their page to find an ideal one. Otherwise, you need to check the proper dimensions. Avoid a cookie-cutter approach to patio covers.

  • Waterproof covers for patio furniture are simply great. While most products claim to be strong, they are only capable of resisting a mild drizzle. Vinyl patio covers can let water beads to roll off it, keeping your table and chair nice and dry. It also protects the articles from debris and dust that can leave unsightly marks on your clothes.
  • You need to be careful as engaging moisture inside the table cloth can cause fungi growth, which brings you to a breathable and spacious design. Breathable covers have inbuilt vents that allow air circulation between the tables. Your furniture can and will develop mildew and mold in the absence of vents.

You need to have a backing of soft cloth as well for your patio cover. It will not scratch or rub the furniture’s finish. This is very crucial if you have chipped, stained or damaged wood furniture.


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