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Simple Steps to Creating A Perfect Positive Home

Having a wonderful home is something we all strive for. We all like to have our own personal touches and make our home exhibit our personalities.

But, do we take into consideration the psychological effects that our home has on us? I am going to go through just a few simple things that can take your home and make it feel like a perfect little paradise.

Where is Your Furniture

This one may be open to some controversy. The Chinese, call it Feng Shui and believe it’s connected to Chi. This may or may not be true but what is certainly true is that the positioning of your furniture can affect the feel of not only your house but also you.

It’s quite a simple concept really, imagine you are in a restaurant and facing a wall whilst eating, it puts you in a closed and claustrophobic mindset, open up the field of vision and that mindset alters. 

We as humans have perceptions of certain situations and the position of our furniture can remarkably alter them depending on who we are as a person, after all, some people insist on a window seat on a plane for no other reason than it put them at a state of ease.

Let There Be Light

Lighting is hugely important when it comes to adding a positive feel to the home. Obviously, the darker something is, the more closed off you feel. This then results in a negative feeling. 

Some small changes you can make are relieving yourself of any overgrown foliage that may be stealing your outside light. You could even take some modern window treatments that will allow light and privacy simultaneously. 

Mirrors on the inside, on the opposite side to smaller windows, is a great little trick for adding extra light and this also gives the illusion of a larger space due to light dispersion. 

Take out the Trash

Well, not literally take out the trash but absolutely consider decluttering. Clutter is one of the worst things for your mind and home. Let us be honest, if you have a guest and clutter, you both feel a little uncomfortable.

What’s more serious is the effect clutter can have on your state of mind always remember the words of mothers of old “Tidy house, tidy mind” 

You could even completely declutter and go completely minimalist, minimalism is fantastic for the mind and allows clarity and focus. 

Crisp Fresh Air

An amazing trick to add a little positivity to the house is this, open every single window. The sudden rush of fresh air in the house is enough to alter the mindset of anybody and it also adds a certain unknown positive vibe to your home. It is almost as if you are releasing any negative energy out into the world. 

Are you ready to make some positive changes to your personal palace, if so, I hope these few little tricks helped.

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