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Simple Small Home Solutions To Try

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Small spaces can be both charming and an absolute nightmare. If they’re designed and organized well, then they can feel incredibly warm and cozy, but if they’re done wrong, then they look cramped, leaving their inhabitants feeling stressed, claustrophobic, and downright uncomfortable. If you’re struggling with your small home and wish that it were bigger, then you shouldn’t worry any longer. There are plenty of ways to make your home seem more open, so keep reading for some simple tips.

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Opt For Smaller Furniture

Furniture and room proportions are always important, but, when it comes to small rooms, you need to really think about the size of your belongings before you put them down. For example, if your couch is taking up an entire wall, leaving little space between the sides of the room, then you should probably consider something a little smaller, like a love seat or armchairs. Avoid any furniture that takes up too much space, and instead, opt for sleeker and smaller equivalents.

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Clear Away Any Unnecessary Clutter

A build-up of unnecessary clutter is one surefire way to make a small room feel that much smaller. Because of this, you need to take stock of everything you’ve got in your room and see if there’s anything that you could remove. If you don’t want to sell or throw away these belongings, then you could ask a moving company to put them into storage for a while. Either way, this will open up the room and make it seem a lot more spacious.

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Paint The Room White

If you want your rooms to feel larger, then you should avoid adding too many dark colors, especially on the walls. This is because these colors absorb light, making rooms feel dark and tight. Instead, you should paint the walls and ceiling the same shade of white. This will reflect light into the room, making it appear larger and more open. It also blurs the lines between the walls and the ceiling, making the ceiling seem much higher than it actually is.

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Add A Large Mirror

Mirrors are absolutely vital when it comes to enhancing the size of your space. This is because they reflect both light and the view, which tricks the eye into viewing the room as much larger than it actually is. A large mirror is always your best option with this solution, but these tend to be quite expensive. Because of this, you may want to look for second-hand mirrors online or group a few smaller mirrors together on the same wall.

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Ditch Drapes And Curtains

Large windows are a godsend for small properties, as they draw your eye outside, and make the rooms appear a lot more open. However, having drapes and curtains can interfere with this effect, as they block you from seeing the whole view. To avoid this, you should consider installing blinds and keep them fully open throughout the day. However, if you can’t bear to part with your curtains, then you can use a longer curtain pole, to keep them completely out of the way.

If you’re struggling with a small property, then these tips should help turn your nightmare into a cozy and comfortable haven.

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