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Saving Money On Water At Home

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Water is a commodity which we all seem to take for granted. It is the most important material we can use and consume every day, and it is crucial that we don’t use too much of it in our homes in order to save money and energy. If you want to reduce your energy bills and your water this month, here are some ways you can do it.

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Look after the drains

It might seem like an odd statement, but if you keep your drains unclogged and rust free, you are likely to use less water. If you start to notice big issues with your pipes make sure to call an emergency plumber to fix it, and then start to look after them with cleaning and unclogging regularly. When you have clear pipes you won’t use as much water trying to clear the clog. It’s a simple fact which is easy to implement.

Don’t rinse before using the dishwasher

The whole point of a dishwasher is to clean your dishes. If you always end up rinsing the plates before putting them in, there is no point in even having a dishwasher. Simple scrape food off and let the dishwasher do its job. You’ll use less water and you will notice that rinsing makes no difference.

Drink fridge water

When you are looking for a glass of cool water, you likely end up reaching for the tap and waiting until the water it cold enough. The issue with this is that you are wasting a few glasses worth of water before even pouring one. To save the hassle you can just buy a jug for the fridge, fill it up and leave the water in there for each time you fancy a drink.

Heat your water in the microwave.

If your boiler is on the brink and it seems to take 10 minutes for your tap water to get warm enough in the kitchen to clean up, you will be wasting a staggering amount of water which you don’t need to use. To avoid this wait, fill a bowl with water and pop it in the microwave for a few minutes until it is warm enough. It uses less energy and you waste no water at all.

Don’t leave the tap running

The worst thing you can do for your water consumption is to leave it running while you brush your teeth. If you are brushing your teeth properly it should be taking you at least 2 minutes, so this is a lot of time for water to be running and wasted. Leave it off while you brush and only use it for a few seconds to rinse your mouth and your brush!

Use a low-pressure shower

The easiest way to use less water is to buy a less powerful shower for the bathroom. Although a power shower always feels amazing and it is second to none on a cold day, it uses up a huge amount of water. To save money and energy, make sure you use a low-pressure shower or one which has an eco setting.

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