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Roof Remodeling ROI

Home remodeling is something every homeowner has to go through if they want their house to stand strong, but also look up to date with current trends. The roof is one of the most important parts of any home, and it’s the first line of defense against rain, snow or heat.

Roof return of investment is a no-brainer when you consider how important it is for a house to look good on the market. I wanted to know more on what to pay attention to if I decide to upgrade my roof so I discussed this matter with Nu Look Home Design.

Here’s what I learned about what to do when you remodel your roof while considering ROI.

ROI Analysis

A bad, broken or leaky roof will not only make living inside the house uncomfortable, but it very negatively affects the price of the home. An old roof with damaged or missing shingles, mold, blistered paint, uneven slope is a good sign that remodeling should be done. Even if the roof is healthy and offers good protection, it might visually be dated which can dramatically affect the price.

If you want to sell your home, a roof is probably the first thing potential buyers see, and vital to leave a good impression. An old house with an updated roof that coincides with contemporary standards and trends will most likely pay off. The only question is when and if you want to sell your home and invest in your roof accordingly.

Structural Integrity

This is something every buyer will question. Nobody wants to buy a home they later have to invest even more money in to reach sound structural integrity. An old roof, no matter how good it is, will turn away some people. You also won’t be able to negotiate price much, even if the house is in a good neighborhood. To avoid all that, you should invest to, at least, visually refresh your home.

Cost Efficiency

Another thing to consider is whether the roof upgrade can lower monthly bills. This can be achieved with better insulation which is going to reduce heating costs during cold months. Also, installing green-friendly solar panels can also reduce electricity costs.

These costly upgrades will increase the price of the home greatly because nobody would ever say no to a well-insulated living space.

Roof Longevity

It is ok if you are not sure when or if you want to sell your house. Still, you should reconsider investing a lot of money to modernize your roof, only to sell the house in 10 to 15 years. This might not return the value, and you could lose money.

Trends and standards change, and what is now hot on the market might die out in the future. A good roof will always be a good roof, the only question is should you sink in more cash than needed if you are unsure about the selling.

Consider Materials

Before you decide to remodel you should try to stay within budget. It is important to calculate whether the investment will be even or less than the new value. Whatever you decide, remember that the goal is to make money when selling, that’s the whole point of ROI.

Full Remodel or Restoration

Sometimes you don’t need to do a full-on roof replacement, especially if the roof is not that old and still very functional. You can contact a professional to have a look and spot some details where there’s room for improvement. This way you won’t be investing a big amount of money, in return, you’d still be getting visual and functional upgrades to increase the value.

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