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How to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

If you’re a couple who want to add some of your personalities into your wedding arrangements, these ways to make your wedding stand out may help you.

The rigid wedding traditions of the past have become more relaxed over the years, allowing for more personalization in how couples decide to decorate and celebrate their weddings. Even still, it’s often easier to default to what is common rather than to take advantage of our creative freedom. What can you do to mix things up and have an element of uniqueness in your ceremony and reception? We’re here to provide some direction on how to make your wedding standout.

Include Your Interests

Trends will always exist, and not all of them will align with what you personally like. Instead of using what is currently in vogue to determine your decorations, you can set your wedding’s look apart by including your interests. Think about what you and your spouse enjoy, whether that be certain activities or sources of entertainment. Use these to inform how you embellish the rooms, tables, and chairs at your venue. For example, if you enjoy painting, you could display some pieces that you have made as part of the designs. You could also perhaps have your favorite music played by a live band in the background during the reception.

Give Guests Fun Items

Sweet candy bar at the wedding
Sweet candy bar at the wedding. Celebration and party

People appreciate receiving gifts and being actively engaged. You can give party favors out that up the amusement of everyone present by further playing into your wedding’s theme or injecting interest into a wedding feature that’s typically a bit dull. Maybe you are holding your wedding in the spring and want to fill your day with bright colors. A small box with sweets in tones that match the decorations could make for a welcome surprise. If your ceremony is going to be outside during the summer, you could give guests straw hats to shade them a bit while they sit. Forgettable objects like programs can be given a relevant shape that makes them more playful than the average rectangles that are so often handed out as the guests arrive.

Change the Dress Color

Wedding bouquet
Bride holding her beautiful wedding bouquet

The traditional white dress of the bride is certainly beautiful, but you don’t need to stick to the norm. Consider changing up the shape or color to personalize it more to your tastes. There are even dresses that come in completely different hues that will leave a memorable impact, such as blue, red, blush, and even black. If you want to add some of your style, but don’t want to be too flashy, you could also select a wedding dress that is mostly white, but which has one color added to it as an accent. When paired with a mostly conventional ensemble of the groom, groomsmen, and bridesmaids, this can work to great effect without becoming overly jarring.

Hold the Wedding at Night

Woman essentials fashion accessories. Macarons french dessert, pearl necklace, luxury beige shoes high heels. Creative wedding set, vanilla wood, floral background. Romantic, still life.Retro vintage

Most couples tend to have their weddings during the day. Yet, an evening ceremony can offer its own exclusive advantages that often go missed. The natural darkness provides the perfect backdrop for creating a romantic mood, as you can place candles around the altar and seats, and you can use deeper colors in the decorations. Everyone present can also view a sparkling starry sky, should your wedding be held outdoors. String lights hung overhead can top it all off to illuminate the scene just enough so that no one becomes just a shadowy outline. Besides its aesthetic virtues, a nighttime wedding may make it easier for guests to attend, since they won’t be as likely to have work conflicts and children can be left with babysitters.


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