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How To Make Your Home Summer Ready

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The warmer season is finally upon us and while the majority of us are heading to the great outdoors to lap up as much sun as possible, we also need time to cool off and return to normal temperature to prevent sunstroke. This can be difficult to do when your home is just as hot as it is outdoors, and can lead to frustration and loss of sleep because of it being too warm. Luckily, there are some easy and fast solutions to this dilemma, so take a look at how you can make your home summer ready.

Get some blackout blinds

You may have used them in your child’s bedroom in the summer to block out the light at bedtime so that they can easily fall asleep. Consider using them in other rooms of your home to keep your rooms as cool as possible. Keep your windows slightly open to let fresh air in, and the blinds down to prevent the sunlight from heating up the room. Opt for a lighter color or white if possible to reflect the heat away rather than absorb it into the room. You will find that at the end of each day, the rooms with blackout blinds are much cooler than those without.

Use a dehumidifier

You’ve probably noticed how muggy it gets when you’ve had a particularly hot day. This is because warm air can carry small particles of moisture – causing you to become sweaty and making the air harder to breathe in. Buy yourself a dehumidifier for your home to take away the moisture particles in the air. The Frigidaire is a really good choice because of it’s impressive energy ratings and also the fact that you can see the water collecting inside, allowing you to drain it at the right time. You will quickly notice how much cooler your home is, particularly the room that your dehumidifier is in.

Invest in tinted windows

Another fabulous way of keeping your home cool is by investing in tinted windows. You have probably thought of tinted windows on the back of cars, and they work in the same way on your home. They’re useful for both summer and winter as they will retain heat when it’s cold out, and prevent it from getting in when it’s warm outside. Plus, they add extra privacy to your home and stop the sun from bleaching your furniture – meaning it will last much longer. The tint doesn’t have to be really dark to have effective results either, so consider getting tinted windows for your home!

Consider getting air conditioning

Finally, if you’re really struggling with the heat and need to cool down quickly, it might be a good idea to consider getting air conditioning in your home. It’s a great way of having cold air blasted into the room to help you cool off. One downside is that they can use a lot of energy, so make sure you take that into consideration before purchasing.

Use these techniques in your home and you will be able to enjoy the hot weather and have a relaxing and cool home to wind down in at the end of the day!

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