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Make Your Home Yours From the Outside In

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It’s easy to buy an off the rack house. There are housing developments everywhere with the same design repeated over and over again with only the door number distinguishing each property. It’s hardly a personal statement or ambitious design, is it?

So what can you do if you live in one of these boxes and want to make it your own? 

Rework the Outside Finishes

The first thing you can do to make your house your own is to rework the outside finishes. For example, you could add wooden cladding or you could use smooth white render for a cleaner finish. You can paint your front door, swap out your windows and use colorful window frames. You could even change the roof tiles in favor of bright metal sheeting, a job would be ideal for. 

Another way to change the feel of your building is to make much more of your garden. Using trees and shrubs to alter the approach to the building is a good way to edit the way people see the building and to hide the bits you aren’t so fond of. Clever planting is a great way to provide shade for your house and to improve your surroundings immeasurably. We should all be planting more to help the environment so even if you like your house, you should find somewhere to put a shrub or two! 

Don’t be Afraid to Build

There is nothing more depressing than a house that’s starting to look run down. However, you can look at this situation as an opportunity to create a house that truly works for you. Many standard houses are built with small windows and little consideration for the aspect of the home. If you are willing to take the plunge and do some building work, you can certainly bring a lot more light into your home. 

Many people now prefer the idea of open plan living but houses are still being built with lots of small rooms. To counter this, a builder can knock down any interior walls that aren’t structural, giving you a more open plan space. Similarly, moving rooms around your house can help to create a better sense of flow. If you look at your house as though it is an empty box, the options are endless.

Put Your Stamp On Each Room

Once your house is beginning to feel more like you structurally, it’s important that you put your stamp on the interior design as well. There are a few design principles you might like to consider but the most important thing here is that every space feels like you and your family. 

There’s no such thing as good taste. Taste is a very personal thing and everyone likes something different. Standing by your taste can take some bravery but you know you’re right when you enter a room and relax into it. This is when you know that your house isn’t a duplicate anymore; it’s the real deal. It’s yours.

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