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Interior Design Ideas From Around The World

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There is nothing worse than running out of inspiration when it comes to your home’s interior design. If you think that one of your rooms is looking slightly drab or no longer on-trend, then you will no doubt want to update it as soon as possible. However, if you don’t have any ideas of what you want to do with your new design, then you might end up quite frustrated. There is one way around a creative block such as this, though. You might just need to look elsewhere for your inspiration!

Each country around the world has their own interior design trends and fashions. Why not check out some of these great decor inspirations from around the globe and see if anything fills you with some fantastic inspiration?

Japan: Go Minimal

autumnal leaves 2141946 1920
Japanese Style: Minimalism

The Japanese are renowned for their minimalist style, and this interior design has started to creep up in popularity over here in the western world as well. It’s actually quite easy to achieve a minimalistic look in a room. You just need to restrict the number of items of furniture and decorative features that you put in the room so that it doesn’t look too busy. You should also use a neutral color palette, such as pastels, so that the walls don’t feel too overbearing.

India: Use Warm Colors

arabian 2713819 1920
Indian Style: Warm Colors

If you are ever in an Indian-inspired home, you will notice that it is very warm and welcoming. This is because of the use of dark colors. All those warm reds, browns, and greens add a lot of comfort to the room. All of the warmth and comfort is often backed up by scent machines that diffuse relaxing fragrances, such as cinnamon and musk, around the rooms. Indians also add intricate decorative features, such as gems and jewels to ensure their rooms look as regal as possible.

France: Add Some Decadent Touches

The French are known for their fantastic sense of style in fashion, but this sophistication also pours into their interior design as well. French homeowners will pay for the finest furnishings and works of arts in their rooms to ensure that it looks like it has been decorated with the highest quality. This may be one of the most expensive trends to follow on this list, but it will certainly be the biggest showstopper.

Sweden: Keep It Light And Airy

scandinavian living room 2132348 1920
Scandinavian Style: Light and Airy

Have you heard of Nordic style already? This is the main interior design trend that is currently big in the Scandinavian countries, such as Sweden. If you ever go to Sweden, you will notice that all of the homes appear extremely light, airy, and very spacious. And that is all because of their use of light pastel colors in their designs. Plus, they use a lot of natural materials in their rooms, such as sheep-skin rugs and driftwood.

Hopefully, one of the above international design trends has filled you with some great inspiration. Let me know which one you are tempted to use in your own home!


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