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How To Ignite Your Creative Muse with Design Travel

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Inspiration is important, but the creative muse doesn’t necessarily come calling when you summon it. Creativity can’t be forced.  If you find yourself in a rut with your design ideas, perhaps it’s time to take a trip for a change of scenery to reboot the senses. 

Encountering new sights and places can fire up the imagination.  Here’s how you can plan for design-inspired travel that ignites originality in work projects and personal experiences:

Choose Destinations With a Creative Culture:

When choosing the travel destinations consider those with a vibrant artisan, artist and maker community and rich architectural legacy. When you explore the creative soul of a destination, you learn about different methods, materials and techniques to make things. Your perspective on what’s possible in design broadens and new ideas emerge. 

Stay In Authentic Accommodations:

Look for authentic accommodations that connect with the local culture. Check out for exotic ideas. Break out of your comfort zone and opt for boutique hotels that will open your eyes up to different design styles rather than large hotel chains. 

Research Design-Centric Spots & Notable Landmarks:

Make a list of top landmarks to visit and learn about the destination’s architectural and cultural legacy. These must-see sites typically are listed in travel guidebooks and websites and offer insider knowledge of the notable people, history, parks, public spaces and buildings that create a sense of place.  

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Photo by Ruben Gutierrez on Unsplash

Also, research the region’s best-designed spaces including restaurants and bars including, Oftentimes, the most inspiring attractions are those under-the-radar locations not listed in travel guides. 

Speak To Locals:

Don’t be afraid to chat with the locals and ask for their recommendations on where to visit and what to see. Insider knowledge often comes from mixing in with the local community while on vacation. 

Document Ideas & Inspiration:

Create a journal of your travels with photos and written thoughts on what inspired you.  Make notes on what you learned about the history, architecture, culture and artistic output of a place and record moods and feelings that your travel experiences evoked.  

steven lewis 342 unsplashVenture Outside Your Comfort Zone 

Challenge yourself with experiences outside of your comfort zone.  When it comes to making the most of your trip,  look for opportunities that expand your design vocabulary and worldview.  Travel can infuse fresh ideas into your decor or design projects by summoning your creative muse within. 

No matter the destination, safety should be a top priority when determining your travel itinerary. For some great safe travel tips, I invite you to check out this informative blog post.



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