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How To Create A Beautiful Garden

If you have a house or you are looking to buy a house this year, one feature which you might love is your garden. A garden is a great way to express your creativity. When you are trying to create a beautiful garden for yourself and your family there are so many things you can think about, and here are some of the main things that you can do.

Plant Flowers

The first and likely the most obvious way to get a garden which is stunning and full of life is to plant some flowers. There are countless different types of flowers to choose from for your garden and you can really let your inner self out here. Make sure that you think about the different parts of your garden and ensure that you place flowers either in the sun or the shade depending on their preferred environments. You will notice some great variety in types of flowers and think about what flowers you want to bloom at different times in the year. If you have a garden, be sure it is being pollinated since blossoms require pollination to produce. Keeping bees is one method for doing this. Simply purchase a beehive to begin home beekeeping and feed the bees sugar water. Your flowers will grow better and look more lovely as a result.

Control Weeds

Weeds are the absolute bane of every gardener’s life. They are invasive, hardy and they take over EVERYTHING. If you want to have a truly stunning garden this year you will want to make sure that you keep on top of weeding and make sure that they cannot grow and overtake your entire garden space. You can use weed killer and even use salt or bleach in between your paving slabs to kill, off the weeds at the root.

 Create a Theme
If you want to make a garden which really stands out and looks incredible right from the start you can think about creating a theme for your outdoor space. For example, if you wanted to make a lovely relaxing space you could go for a Japanese style garden with lots of cherry trees, acres and a large pond with koi carp. Coming up with a theme can make it easier for you to choose your garden features because it will allow you to go off other people’s gardens.

 Bring in Art

If you love the idea of adding extra color and character to your garden this year, did you know that you can actually add artwork into your garden this year? You can buy canvas prints and portraits which are waterproof and will add a huge amount of color and stunning imagery to your outdoor space. You could have a sunset scene, a beach or even an animal hanging in your garden and this can be absolutely amazing.

Add Colorful Pots

If you have lots of plant pots already in your back garden, you are likely to be sick of seeing the color terracotta for good, and we really don’t blame you at all for this. Those old-fashioned looking plant pots can just stick out like a sore thumb against a lovely garden and it is a shame that they mar the landscape. However, all is not lost because with some spray paint and bright colors you can transform a boring plant pot into something which looks incredible and looks amazing against the green backdrop. Colors such as yellow, red and pink work particularly well and add some character to the space.

Create a Herb Garden

If you want a garden which actually has a function, you can think about creating a herb garden in your backyard using a simple wooden trough as your planter. You can have some fun planting seeds of your favorite herbs such as garlic, basil, rosemary, thyme and loads more, placing this in a sunny spot in the garden will give you a great smell in the garden as well as give you the ability to use fresh herbs in cooking rather than dried ones. It can make a big difference to your cooking and adds an attractive feature to the garden.

 Make it Simple

If you enjoy a minimalist design inside your home, you also make a simple design on the garden. Your garden can consist of simple grasses, shrubs and you can choose two colors which will fill the space during the spring and summer months. Colour combinations such as white and red, orange and yellow or blue and pink can work amazingly in your outdoor space and it can make it feel like a stunning show garden. Simplicity adds some lovely elegance to the space and it will require less maintenance too.

Make a Feature

If you fancy making your garden more interesting and fun this year, you can think about adding a fun design feature such as a pond or an arch which can be filled with climbing roses or wisteria. There are so many awesome features that you can bring into the home which will make the space feel more exciting and give you something really fun to look at and interact with.

Don’t Clutter

If there is anything that you can take on board from this list for your garden, it is not to clutter up your space too much. It can be incredibly messy if you over plant flowers and you let your plants grow out too much, so try to keep things fairly tidy and organized in your garden. You are still able to have a wild garden and keep it in check, so make sure you go out a few times during the summer to clean things off.

Vary Textures

You can have some fun with your garden by playing around with some different textures and sizes if the plants you use. There are many different shapes and textures of leaves and flowers that you can buy from your local garden center so you can buy a few different types and have them arranged in one flowerbed to make a stunning display. For example, you can go with long, tall grasses, some medium, rounded bedding plants such as poppies, and finish with some tiny nigella plants which have feather-like leaves and stunning blue or white flowers. Play around and don’t be afraid to have lots of different types of plants.

Add a Wooden Deck

If you are thinking of upgrading your patio area this year, why not think about adding a stunning decking into the garden? You can look at different timber frame design to find a great timber deck or even a timber pergola which will act as a wonderful feature in the garden as well as the perfect place for you to sit out in the summer and have parties with your family and your friends.

Make a Cozy Area

The final and most fun project you can do to make a stunning garden this year is to make yourself a cost area in the garden where you can sit down at the end of a long week and drink a glass of wine while you enjoy the fresh air. You can start off with a pergola, an arbor or a simple patio area which has some sort of rain cover over the top for the evenings. You can decorate the area by painting the wooden beams, hanging some art and having a trellis for climbing plants to thrive and grow. You can then add a table for you to place your drinks on, and this can house a candle, some tea lights and a vase of flowers or a small plant pot. You can then finish off the cost area with lots of cushions and a blanket, some fairy lights and a chiminea for you to warm yourself up on cold evenings. A cozy area in the garden can make the whole area feel amazing and is beautiful.

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