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The Housework That’s Perfect To Do In Summer

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We spend a lot of time outside when the summer springs on us. If we have a garden, we plant all kinds of colorful flowers and hopefully harvest some fruits and vegetables for summer soups and kebabs, or we go out into town or down to the beach. Staying inside can get just a bit too hot, but does it have to stay that way?

It’s hot outside, it’s hot and humid inside, and you’re trying to strip off as many layers as you can without looking like you’re headed to the beach! So now’s the time to make sure all the sweat collecting around your temples is worth it, and do some housework to make sure your home is as cool, calm, and collected as possible! Here’s a couple of the best moves to make.

How’s Your Roof?

It’s the area of the house that keeps you protected from the elements the most, seeing as the sky and everything it could tip on you is right above it. And because of that, a roof can be the first place to decay after a house has been built, and could do with some repairs every few years or so. Now’s the perfect time to carry those things out!

But during the summer, if you don’t have a roof that’s properly insulated, to keep the heat trapped out or the cool in, you’re going to want to change that. Check out Cool it! The Best Roofs for Hot Climates if you don’t know what you can do about your attic area and the protection over it, as there’s a lot of conflicting info out there. The summer is always going to be a hot period in our lives, and there’s no changing that, so make sure your home stands up to the test each year.

Get to Dusting

There’s a lot of dust in our houses, no matter how clean we think it is. But during the summer we can actually see it floating in the air, and we’re more likely to notice it collecting around our furniture and other possessions. So now’s the perfect time to pick up a cloth and a can of polish, and get wiping from top to bottom.

Don’t forget to put a pair of gloves on as well, as you might find a few dead moths or bugs in your lampshades and behind your bookcases. Pull everything out of the way and get to cleaning; it’s a great way to have a clean house throughout the autumn, and means all the spiders that come crawling in won’t just be adding to the mess!

Housework is something we do all year round, but there’s a couple of special mentions that need to go towards the sun’s ability to illuminate the problem areas in our homes! So make sure you get to areas like these; whilst you’re at it, open the windows and get an air dehumidifier!

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