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Hospitality: Significance of Hotel Amenities in Enriching Customer Experience

In today’s competitive world, the best quality of service for the guests is the only way for hoteliers to survive. But sometimes, good service is not enough to acquire guests. Travelling has become very easy these days, translating to the growing demand for hotels with appropriate hotel amenities. Whether you can dominate the industry depends on what benefits you offer to the guests.

Key To Success

The range of services that you are offering to the hotel guests and the quality of the services are crucial to the business’s success. That is why you should consider adding or modifying various amenities that will attract new guests and bring back the existing guests.

Guest AmenitiesTypes Of Amenities

The general hotel amenities come in all sizes, functions, and forms. So you have to decide the suitable list of amenities for your hotel depending on factors like

  • Demographics of the target customers
  • Common demands of the guests
  • The budget that suits all
  • Level of competition in the local market.

Here, you will get to know everything that can help manage your hotel’s amenities and implement them accurately to improve the experience of stay for the guests.

Points To Remember

The amenities are vital and can make or break the guests’ staying experience. The range and quality of services will also contribute to the positive feedback from the existing guests. It is vital to choose the right hotel amenities. With all this in mind There are two significant aspects to remember while planning the amenities:

  • An amenity can be something simple as a microwave, mini-refrigerator, or big-scale like the gym and swimming pool.
  • There is no need to think that guests will only like the fancy and gimmicky amenities.

The second point needs complete focus. Researches show that guests underuse the amenities that you may think are important. Surprisingly, the undervalued amenities turn out to be the ones the guests use more than expected.

Understanding The Needs

The prime factor is to understand the needs of your guests. For instance, if you look at the high-ranking Hotel Amenities, you will find that they offer a host of facilities like an automated check-in spa, fitness center, and in-room dining. Unfortunately, the usage can be even 20% less than the expectation.

On the other hand, the ones you undervalue, like lobby seating, valet parking concierge service, and bellhop service, are ahead in the usage rate by at least 35% of your expectations. So you have to assess the general mindset of modern-age travelers and plan accordingly.

Wi FiWi-Fi Is Mandatory

It is time to accept the fact that people are addicted to smartphones. A guest will be in much distress if the person cannot go on the internet while staying at your hotel and cannot check the emails or go through the social media account. Hence, free wi-fi connection has become one of the basic hotel amenities that the guests demand. ‘

New Customer Acquisition

As there is no shortage of hotels around, what makes your property better than the rest? This is the question that will decide whether your business will grow or lag.

  • Offering a complimentary breakfast is a lucrative offer for the guests. People look for comfort, and nothing is more comforting than not worrying about eating in the morning.
  • Free parking is one of the essential hotel amenities as people have been driving in personal cars since the pandemic.

There are many more amenities that you can add. So think wisely and from the point-of-view of your customers for better planning. Remember, the hospitality industry is all about providing the best stay and comfort to the people. With the right amenities and services, you can win your people’s hearts and book a spot as the most proffered place to stay.


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