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Is Your Home Ready To Welcome Airbnb Guests?

If you’ve been looking for a side-hustle business to help boost your household income, becoming an Airbnb host can be a life-changing experience. While it is too early in the current pandemic situation to think about promoting your space, you can make the most of the quarantine to prepare your home to welcome guests. Indeed, as soon as it is safe to travel again, you can be sure that tourists will be flooding every town around the world. You can rent out a room in your home for future guests. As a landlord, you have the advantage of being on-site, which means you can easily greet your guests when they arrive and protect your property. Additionally, rentals can be a profitable side hustle. Here are some tips to help you prepare your home:

Utilize your spare space

Interior Of Guest Room In Bed And Breakfast Hotel
Interior Of Guest Room In Bed And Breakfast Hotel

There are plenty of options to create an inviting area of your guests from a spare bedroom to a renovated basement. Ideally, you’ll find that a separate entrance to their rental can make things easier for everyone. As such, if you’ve got an unused attic or basement, you may want to consider renovation works. Thankfully, a renovation project doesn’t have to break the bank. You will need to plan every aspect of the work, including insulation and lighting installation. Careful planning will help you budget materials and external expertise when it is relevant. 

Keep guests comfortable without intruding

As a landlord or a landlady, you want to make sure your rental remains in tip-top condition. However, when you’ve got guests, you can’t intrude on their privacy to check that things are okay. But you can make sure to install helpful and smart sensors such as a temperature and humidity monitor, for instance. Sensors can notify you of suspicious or abnormal scans, which makes sure you can react quickly. 

Being accessible with your communication

What’s the best approach to be friendly with your guests without forcing any interaction? Some guests want to relax and be left alone, while others welcome your conversation. Hitting the right balance can be tricky. However, you can leave it to your guests to decide. A good tip is to welcome your guests personally and let them settle down on their own. You can send a quick message on the next day to ask if they need any help with the rental or information about the town. This lets your guests control the communication while making sure you remain available if they want to find out more about the local area. 

Is it self-contained?

Bright room with sofa bed
Bright guest room with a sofa bed and big round window

You can rent out a spare bedroom in your home and share every other living area with your guests. However, if you want to build a profitable rental, you should consider self-contained options. A spare bedroom should also have an en-suite for privacy, for instance. Ideally, a separate entrance can make things more comfortable between you and your guests. If the space allows it, make sure to add at least a mini-fridge and a small kitchen area. A microwave and a coffee machine can be the ideal, safe kitchenette! 

You can monetize your home by promoting your spare space on a community such as Airbnb. With a little DIY love and some smart modifications, you can turn the unused basement into a cozy studio for temporary guests. 


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