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Home Fragrance Ideas From The Experts

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We do so much to ensure that our homes look great, but there is often one aspect that many homeowners regularly overlook. And that is how their rooms smell. This is often forgotten about because the only time we really notice any room odors is when they aren’t too pleasant. For instance, you’ll instantly pick up on bad pet smells and burning cooking, but you won’t notice it when your room’s scent is neutral.

It’s such a great idea to bring in some nice fragrances to your rooms as they can really help set the atmosphere and ambiance. Not sure how to leave your rooms smelling as good as possible? Here are some fab tips from fragrance experts.

Know When To Use Diffusers And Scented Candles

Fragrant candles and scent machines are both great for bringing in very nice smells into your rooms. What’s more, you can often buy a wide range of different fragrances, so you should easily be able to find a diffuser or candle that suits your tastes. Just remember that these serve different purposes. For instance, scented candles are great if you have friends over and want to create a cozy ambiance. However, diffusers are a lot better if you want around-the-clock pleasant smells as you don’t have to watch them all the time, unlike candles.

Add Fans To Problem Areas

Do you find that it is often difficult to shift cooking odors from your kitchen? Or perhaps your bathroom always smells really stuffy because of all the use it gets from your family? We all have problem areas in our homes that can often smell quite bad. Thankfully, there is something you can do about them – you just need to add some extractor fans. These will remove any bad odors from the air and will quickly freshen up the room.

Bring In Lots Of Plants

If you don’t want to buy any diffusers or scented candles, you can always bring some more houseplants and flowers into your rooms. These will help keep your rooms smelling fresh and fragrant around the clock. Not only that, though, but some plants can even take some common toxins out of the air. That means you can be safe in the knowledge that your whole family is breathing the freshest of air at home. Some of the best houseplants that can improve your home’s air include peace lilies and bamboo palms.


Use Natural Scents

Plants aren’t the only natural scents that you can use in your home. You can also utilize the powers of lemons and limes. All you need to do is slice some citrus fruit and leave it in a bowl in the room that you want to freshen up. Their zesty fragrance will eventually fill the whole room! Herbs can also help, especially in the kitchen. A small indoor herb garden will fill your kitchen with lots of fresh fragrances! Plus, they’ll taste excellent in your cooking!
Once you use these tips, your home will never have smelt so great!


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