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Handling A Tenant Inquiry Correctly

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If you own property, odds are that you’ll hope to rent it in full, or rent some of the rooms. This means that you’ll need to interface with prospective tenants sooner or later. In order to care for this process appropriately, you need to keep in mind a few positive processes. Landlording is not an easy job. It requires a hands-on approach, even when using services that help mitigate this responsibility. You need to stay aware of the entire process from top to bottom and ensure that it’s handled correctly from the first instance.

However, all of this can seem like just words if we fail to start correctly. So let’s start correctly. When you’re established, and begin to post listings for your property, handling tenant inquiries is essential. To ensure you respect this process and find the best renter for your aims, consider the following:

Vetting Information

First of all, you need to ensure the tenant opting to rent your property can be trusted. Without this guarantee, you’re putting plenty on the line. Vetting a client is essential before accepting them. This is often an accepted process. Asking fees for the tenant to submit an interest in the property, and then having their credit history checked and their financial standing verified can be worthwhile. This is usually a fairly painless process.

A quick credit check will only throw up red flags if the person is heavily in debt, or has financial judgments against their name. Financial history can be verified by them submitting their most recent bank statements to the trusted authority. On top of that, you may ask for reference testimonials from previous letting agents, and even those they work for. All of this can contribute to a picture of a client that may or may not inform your decision to let them rent. Be sure to do this politely, respectfully and promptly, as this is quite an artificial process from the beginning.

Contact & First Meetings

Meet your tenant if approved, no matter how busy. It can be good for them to put a face to a name, and it shows you care about their business. This is how long-term tenants are made.


Property maintenance can be hard if you’re a very busy landlord. It might be that you have many properties to manage at one time, and you’ll likely experience a few maintenance issues in more than one at a time. As the old saying goes, you can wait for a bus for two hours, and then three will show up. For this reason, it’s essential to use services that help you keep on top of all these requirements. Allowing tenants to flag issues, while seeing to them in an adequate time can help the whole process go smoothly, and ensure you keep your prospective tenants comfortable. This is important for any tenancy inquiry because they will be looking for well-maintained homes. A home in ready shape for a move can ensure that the entire inquiry process is completed more quickly. In other words, taking care of this can help respect the inquiry if successful. With these tips, you’re sure to handle tenant inquiries correctly.

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