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Get Ready to Sell Your House by Spring

Get Ready to Sell Your House by Spring

If you are looking to sell your home, now is the best time to get started. While there will be those who tell you the housing market is dead during a global pandemic, it is not really the truth. Experts say that due to a potentially low inventory, competition among home buyers will be fierce in the upcoming months, so this may be the best time to enter the market.

With that in mind, it is time to start your spring cleaning early so you can be ready for when the buyers come out of the woodwork. This is the ideal time to spruce up the exterior of your house, complete any necessary remodeling projects, and declutter and repaint so your house glows in photos. Below are some expert tips to shine your home in the best light.

Start With Your Home’s Exterior

pexels pixabay 280229As the weather gets warmer, people looking to buy a new home are going to start driving around to see what is available. Since your yard is the first thing that they will see, you want it to be immaculate. Often, an individual will judge what the inside of a house looks like based on what they see outside.

Start with the driveway. Fill in any cracks, give it a shine with a driveway sealer, and sweep it daily so it always looks its best.

Along with driveway maintenance, you should also take this time to ensure that your yard is well kept and maintained. Cut the grass weekly, spray and remove any weeds, and make sure you water regularly, so the lawn is green and lush. Also, consider planting some trees. Potential buyers will see these as future shade producers that will cut down on their air conditioning bills in the summer.

While your yard should be kept on point, you also want to take this time to clean up the exterior of your home. If it has been a while, spring for a professional paint job on your outside walls and power wash the deck. How is your outdoor lighting? If it is non-existent, this may be the best time to install some exterior features, including flood and security lighting. These additions can be a big selling point as they will illuminate the house, and potential buyers will like the security that this lighting provides.

Consider Renovations

If you ever thought about renovating and improving a room in your house, now may be the best time to do so. While some home buyers like the idea of a fixer-upper, many others are excited about moving into a home that is all set up and equipped with the finest upgrades and attributes. If you are thinking of upgrading but are not sure what is worth the time, talk to your contractor. They have experience and inside knowledge on the best upgrades that will increase a home’s value and create the largest return on investment.

Many homeowners opt to start in the kitchen, as this is typically the room in the house where guests and family congregate most often. You don’t have to do a complete overhaul, just some slight updates here and there. Consider installing a new backsplash behind the sink or replace the cabinet doors if they have seen better days. For extra flair, consider equipping your kitchen with smart appliances like a smart refrigerator and microwave that can take voice commands.

Pay special interest to the bathrooms as well. If the room looks a little banged up, consider replacing the sink, toilet, and shower doors, so it looks like a brand new space made just for the buyer. You can also go around the house and upgrade the lighting in the most populated spaces. Start by adding energy-efficient lighting and LEDs, which will create a cleaner look and save the new buyer on electricity costs.

Make Your Home Picture-Worthy

pexels mary whitney 90317As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, potential buyers may be more skittish when it comes to visiting your home, and they may get most of their first impressions by looking at your property online on realtor websites. To that end, you will want to make your home look picture-perfect, so people will feel the desire to take the trip to see it for themselves. Start by clearing out any unnecessary clutter, which includes toys, knickknacks, and unnecessary family photos that will prevent potential buyers from visualizing the space as their own.

Take some time during these winter months to spruce up each room from head to toe. Add a fresh coat of paint to the rooms that need it and fill in any unsightly cracks and dents in the walls and trim. This is also a good time to have your carpets cleaned, especially in high traffic areas. Again, customers won’t be thrilled about the idea of having to do these tasks themselves.

If you are really serious about selling, you want to make your house a blank canvas of sorts. Think about what might turn off potential buyers. For instance, many people are not animal lovers, and they don’t want to move into a space that was once occupied by pets. So, start by putting away sure signs like dog dishes and toys and clean the pet hair off the furniture. Also, take down any political items you have hanging on the walls. You don’t want to give a potential buyer any excuse to see something they don’t like and move onto the next property.

This is the perfect time to get your home ready for the upcoming buyers market. Do a little work every week, and by springtime, you will be ahead of the curve and ready to sell.

This post was authored by Sam Bowman

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