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Finishing Touches That Tie A Room Together

When you are in the middle of a decorating project, you probably already have an idea of the finishing touches that you want to add. Some items will tie a room together with ease. The smaller details are actually the things that people are more likely to see and use in the room. Which makes them really important to get right. 

There are, of course, a lot of different looks and styles, but in general, there are few things that will work in any decor.


The right lighting can make a massive impact on your room. Copper tones bulbs give a warmer glow and are ideal for rooms that you want to feel cozy and relaxed in, more so in the evenings. The amber colors mimic the glow of a roaring fire, and so are particularly perfect for wintertime. 

Cushions & Throws

Adding soft plush furnishings like throws and pillows. They don’t just make your couch look welcoming and comfortable, though. You can choose colors that are on your rug, or tie them into your wall art. And because they come in so many different styles, you are destined to find something that works for the theme of your home. Opt for a range of different textures as this will bring more interest to the space. 

The great thing about throws and cushions is that they don’t have to be an expensive feature. 


Mirrors are a great way to add more light to the room. If you place a mirror in the right spot, the angle will catch the light and make a room lighter and bigger. If you want to create something extra special, you can choose to get glass home mirrors that have space for light fittings. 

Wall Art

You could choose to have a display of family photos that are placed in almost a gallery style. Usualying different frames and sizes will make it interesting to look at. You can take time over the placement too. If you aren’t in love with the idea of putting photos on the wall, then you can try to find affordable artworks and use those instead. If you don’t have room to hang photos or artwork, then you could consider adding a patterned wallpaper to the wall instead. 

You will get the same beautiful bold effect, but you won’t lose any of the space. 


Plants and flowers are the most simple way to add life and color in one swoop. If you have a specific theme in the room, you can add plants that fit with that. For example if you have gone with a minimalist theme, succulents and parlor palms work wonders and are simple yet effective. 

When it comes to getting the little bits and pieces that tie your room together, try not to rush. Although the want to have everything finished can be pretty high, it is better to take your time and curate the room to be exactly what you want from the start. 


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