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Embracing The Natural Look- Ideas For Your Home

The natural trend is one of the hottest looks for 2020. If you’re keen to embrace this trend and turn your home into a stunning, serene sanctuary, here are some ideas to give you inspiration.


Changing your flooring is a fantastic way to channel new trends and try new looks. If you have a concrete or tiled floor, opting for rustic wooden floorboards will alter the aesthetic of the space completely. If you’ve not delved deeper into the world of flooring materials before, you might be surprised at the range of options available. From practical vinyl and laminate to beautiful, traditional wood flooring, it’s well worth taking your time to explore different materials and think about the look and vibe you want to create. For tranquil havens, which celebrate the beauty of the natural world, wood is an ideal choice, but there are several different flooring types available within this category. You can choose from solid and engineered wood, but what are the pros and cons, and what is engineered wood flooring? Many people prefer engineered wood to solid wood because it offers durability, as well as stunning aesthetics. Consider the shade of wood carefully before you make a decision. Lighter tones can help to make small, cramped spaces look bigger and brighter. 

Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers add color and vibrancy to your home, and they’re also proven to improve air quality and to reduce stress. You can place houseplants all over your home, varying your selections to cater for different rooms and to provide a different aesthetic. Large potted plants are an excellent addition to hallways and large living spaces, while smaller plants are ideally suited to kitchen and bathroom shelves. Vases of fresh flowers look stunning in kitchens and entrance halls, and you can choose colors to complement the shades you have used on your walls and to match your soft furnishings. If you have neutral walls and flooring, you can use colored or patterned pots and vases to add interest and carry a theme. 

Natural soft furnishings and accessories

black kettle beside condiment shakers and green fruits and 1080696Soft furnishings add texture and coziness, and they can also inject color to lift white, beige or gray walls. If you love the natural look, stick to materials like cotton and linen for cushion covers and curtains and add floor coverings made from jute, bamboo or rattan. These fabrics are ideal for spring and summer. In the cooler months, you can keep warm with additional blankets and throws and a wood-burning stove. You can also channel this trend by using natural materials to accessorize your home. Create rustic shelving units from driftwood or a coffee table made from pallets, for example. 

The natural look is making waves in the world of interior design. If you’re looking to create cool, beautiful and serene living spaces, this could be the ideal trend for you. Hopefully, this guide has given you food for thought and got those creative juices flowing. Focus on natural materials, celebrate the beauty of plants and flowers and keep things simple.

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