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Creating A Perfectly Creative Space

We all like to think of ourselves as creatives at times, and yet, we all have a different sense of creativity! We all paint and draw differently, and we all approach DIY differently, and we definitely have different styles and tones of writing. It’s what makes us all fit together and bounce off of each other, and it’s why we should all think about making a creative space within our own homes. 

Your home doesn’t have to look luxurious at all times – it can be bright and vibrant, and help your best ideas to come out! And so, if you want your home to invoke a real and continuous sense of creativity, make sure you keep tips like these in mind. Interior design is all about experimenting, and you’ve got four walls to make good use of!

Create a Sense of Mood Lighting

Room with decorative lighting
Room with decorative lighting, bed, dresser and sofa

Mood lighting is something we’re all a fan of – who wants to be decked out in bright overhead lights all the time, that makes both you and anything you create look terrible? No, instead, focus on setting the mood with how you light your rooms, and even think about letting a lot more natural light into them as well. 

Get some standing lamps, or even a light dimmer, and let yourself be in the dark a little more often. If you have heavy, blackout curtains, why not swap them out for blinds? They’re just as good at containing heat in the summertime, but they can be easily opened and closed, and allow for a lot more control over the level of natural light in a room. 

Include a Bit of Green

Wooden corner shelves with decor and fresh plants hanging on wal
Wooden corner shelves with decor and fresh plants hanging on wall in real photo of bright living room interior with armchair with fur cushion, window with wooden blinds and coffee table

Human beings love the color green, and the natural and lively sense it inspires. It’s why we love to have potted plants and hanging gardens around the house – think about setting out a few of your own, if you want to feel a bit more creative on a daily basis. 

At the same time, think about making a green room to paint or write in; a pale apple green on the walls, a striped rug on the hardwood floor, etc. A room like this could really get your creative juices flowing, and it’ll always look nice in any kind of house out there! 

Make Some Space!

You’re going to need to get rid of all that clutter – your mind can’t think when the environment is just a bit too messy, and you’ll thank yourself for all this hard work later! You could very well make use of a Junk Removal service, if your whole house needs clearing out and you’ve got a backyard’s worth of rubbish that needs shifting. More space outside means more space in your mind to have creative and positive thoughts, and that’s what your home should always inspire within you. 

A creative space doesn’t have to be hard to put together. Think about what makes you feel creative, and always be sure to remember these decor rules too!

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Contributor Post

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