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Creating The Log Cabin Feel In Your Home

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Classic interior looks are very expensive, so it’s unsurprising that most of us shy away from investing in the necessary implements. But if you’re trying to create a home style that is classic yet affordable, the rustic approach is a worthy balance of both. If you are looking for ways to make your home comfortable yet kitsch, relaxing yet rural, the log cabin look is a style that is affordable, yet very attractive. You don’t need to travel to the mountains to recreate this feel in your home, and in fact, there are a few simple additions you can make right away.

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Pick Accessories With An Antique Feel

Picking the right accessories can transform an entire house. When looking for those items that recreate a charming rustic feel, you don’t have to go very far. In fact, all you need to do is head to your nearest thrift store. There are usually some very quaint items you can buy for cheap. Some items including tree-ring wooden coasters conjure feelings of a cozy warm log cabin, and in fact, wood is your ally in recreating a rustic feel. If you are keen on completely changing your home for the natural feel of a log cabin, a wood burning stove is an essential item to install. You can source wood, chop it up, and hey presto, you’ve got a fire burning! With a wood burning stove, it can take some time to get right, especially the temperature. This is why you need to have a wood stove thermometer, but these are easy to buy, and if you don’t know where to put a magnetic wood stove thermometer, this handy guide can help. You need to get a sense of warmth throughout your home, and by making a few basics swaps, from the modern electronics to the classic implements, such as log fires or wood burning stoves, it will have a profound impact on the feel of the place. And on top of this, stoneware pieces, such as pots, to display around the house transports you into a rustic setting immediately. The lighting is another thing that can transport you back to yesteryear. Along with the wood burning stove, if you pick lighting that resembles lanterns that you can plug into the sockets, it really pushes that antique vibe forward and takes your home back into the past.

Choosing The Right Furniture

As your furniture will be the focal point of any room in the house, you need to have furniture that reflects this rugged feel of a log cabin. Again, wouldn’t is always a good shout, such as wooden cabinets or bookcases. But if you’re going for good quality furniture items, these can be quite expensive, in which case, you are better off going for styles that feature and finished woods. You could use log pieces as focal points, or use would as a structural implement. For example, rough-hewn wooden bed frames will benefit the bedroom. And don’t be afraid to head into the garden for inspiration, because it’s as rustic as you can get. The garden is full of natural materials, which you can take from the outside and bring in, and it automatically adds this layer of nature, which is essential to your log cabin decor. As far as natural materials are concerned, wool or flannel works very well with log cabin items and accessories. But also, think about furniture and how it can be decorated, this is a secret weapon in evoking rustic styles to your home. Rugs and throws are vital, and use patterned pieces on them, as well as plaid and even stripes. But be careful not to mix the patterns and stripes to match, as this can look very muddled. The overriding feeling you want to communicate with a rustic log cabin style is simplicity. Being minimalist helps when you’re trying to create this overall feeling, but don’t go severely minimal, because if you’re trying to change a modern home, then the look will be mixed.

Changing Your Floor

It’s hardly a surprise; if you want to make your home look like a log cabin, wood flooring is the best option. Hardwood, especially the traditional styles looks warm. But this type of flooring can be quite expensive; instead, laminate flooring that resembles wood is a cheaper alternative. When picking the type of wood, always go for a warm finish, such as mahogany, because this, in conjunction with cherry graining, will immediately increase the warmth vibe. In addition to this, rugs are a simple way to pair up with accessories like the couch, and communicate this minimalist rustic feel. Rugged styles are the best options, such as a faux bear skin rug. But also, if you aren’t looking to change your floor completely, and wood doesn’t look right, especially in a bathroom; stone tile like slate will balance this out perfectly.

Altering The Ceiling And Walls

Of course, log cabins walls are usually made of logs! As impractical as this is, you can make significant changes inside your home, such as log paneling. This creates the texture, and as it provides the rounded shape, it makes you feel like you’re in a log cabin right away. If this looks like it clashes with the structure of your home, paint the walls earthy shades, to create that outdoor type look. And if you are in the budget to do so, install V joint tongue and groove wood paneling. Make sure it matches the walls, and by installing this on your ceiling, it completes the feeling.

Nowadays, modern is all the rage, but there is still a demand for classic and rustic looks. If you are in the budget to give your home a complete overhaul and create this log cabin look, you can do it by drastically altering everything. But, when it comes to providing a basic log cabin look in your home, accessories are the way to go at the very outset, and over time you can change your whole home setup to evoke warmth, comfort and a cozy cabin feel.


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