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Common Bedroom Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Redecorating your bedroom can be more complex than you might think. Discover some of the most common bedroom decorating mistakes to avoid during this process.

The bedroom is arguably one of the most important sections of the entire house. They’re the place that most often represents our own personal design and displays all the things that help us relax. But, while our bedrooms are our personal sanctuaries to retreat to after a long day, not every design for these spaces can be considered effective. In fact, there are plenty of design errors to be made throughout the process. So, to create the most effective bedroom for your style, make sure you remember these bedroom decorating mistakes to avoid.

Decorating With Too Many Bright Colors

Interiors of a Modern Bedroom
interiors of a bedroom with stone walls and wooden beamed ceiling the floor is made of gray resin

The bedroom is supposed to be an environment that helps you relax and unwind after the events of the day. Because of this, it simply doesn’t do to incorporate design elements that promote the opposite. Though bright, vibrant colors might be effective at energizing you in the morning, you also need to use features that are better suited for soothing. This is why darker, bluish hues are commonly included in many bedroom color schemes—they tend to promote relaxation.

Using Too Many Throw Pillows

It’s also often tempting for homeowners to include a plethora of throw pillows in their bedroom design. This is because the soft textures and patterns are comforting to both our eyes as well as our sense of touch. However, putting too many of these around the room can clutter up the design of the space and make it feel chaotic rather than tranquil. This is often especially the case if they’re patterned. For this very reason, it’s recommended that a bed should have only have six pillows maximum—four regular pillows and one or two decorative pillows. 

Forgetting About Mood Lighting

Like color and texture, the lighting arrangement of a room can also dictate how you feel within its walls. As such, it’s also important that you consider your mood lighting whenever you’re trying to design a space. In a bedroom, it’s most effective to effectively mix your light fixtures and layer different areas with varying types of illumination. This could mean having focused lights for reading while also including dimmers to help your brain ease into sleep mode. The lighting method you choose should directly correlate with the atmosphere you want the room to have and the tasks you want to complete in that space.

Not Considering Furniture Scale

Improper furniture scale is a bedroom decorating mistake you should absolutely avoid. It doesn’t take a professional designer to notice that furniture that’s too large or too small for a room can either make it appear cluttered or empty. Neither of these options establishes a solid style for a room and, in actuality, they even make it less inviting in the long run. So, in order to prevent your bedroom from having this effect, it’s crucial that you only use furniture and décor that can properly fit in the space. This means taking measurements, planning the layout, and setting size limits for the different pieces you want to place.

Thinking Everything Needs to Match

Beautiful modern bedroom interior design
Beautiful modern bedroom interior design

Contrary to popular belief, not everything in a room needs to match in order for it to have a cohesive design. In fact, it’s preferred that it doesn’t completely match in order to create a style unique to the person living there. Though you should be careful to not go overboard, incorporating a few different textures or patterns into the design is one of the best ways to make a bedroom fully yours.


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