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Clever Ways to Decorate The Hallway in 2021

People always give a good amount of thought to the home decor, but often overlook the hallway decor. Why make our hallway walk a plain one? It reflects your personality, and a good hallway walk is a mood lifter. 

So let’s discuss ten clever ways to make your hallway enjoyable.

Mirror on The Wall

Mirrors on the wall make your place look spacious by reflection. Hanging some stylish mirrors on the wall of your hallway gives an illusion of a bigger space. They look very trendy and trust me you can never go wrong with them.

Buy mirrors of different shapes and sizes. Cluster them like a collage. Mirrors can have rich golden frames of patterns. You can easily buy them from local and online stores.

Invest in Lights

Installing a single statement ceiling light or two or three minimalist ceiling lights looks graceful. Moreover, it adds light and warmth to the hallway. Pendant lights or open mesh lights will look beautiful. If your hallway is large enough, an enormous ceiling light at the center of the roof will look fantastic.

String lights also look fascinating. They are very affordable. They can be hung like a bunch or on horizontal rods on your ceiling. They give little light, which is sufficient for illuminating the path.

You can bottle up string lights in a fancy glass bottle and keep them on the piece of furniture for your bench. You can also place it on a wall-mounted organizer.

Mount Photos on The Wall

living room 333 7bf11db5 1bb8 41a0 9ee7If you wish you can hang some pictures on the wall. It can be your family photos of your favorite moments—the images from your traveling diaries or family dinners. 

If you don’t want your hallway to be full of your pictures, hang framed photos of your favorite quotes, plants, or anything you love. You can take wall decor ideas from here to decorate your hallway. 

Consider The Space

If your hallway is large enough, place a wooden bench in the side. A gorgeous bar will look trendy, and you can sit on it. You can also set a large vase or a pot on the corner.

If you still have space, a wooden organizer for quick things will look lovely. The benefits of these decor ideas are immense and practical. For example, you can add an umbrella basket in the corner.

You can place more things according to the space. When the area is limited, go for vertical shelves and organizers on the walls.

Hang Your Essentials

Buy readily available stylish hooks. Then, you can hang your hat, umbrella, keys, or any essentials which you generally tend to forget. Great clips and hangers on a corner near the door. This decor is efficient and yet stylish.

When you are passing by, you will notice the hooks and things.  You, your family members, and guests will feel grateful for such logical decor.

Light Sconces

Traditional light sconces look so royal. Place an authentic candle on it. You can drill sconces on either side of the door of the hallway. Modern sconces with electrical bulbs also look very remarkable. 

The sconces will have a gesturing effect in your hallway.  Your choice of minimalistic or bold sconces depends on the mood of your space.

Add a Little Greenery

hg living room 1 hori 726aeb40 1a09 43bb 9789Give your refreshing hallway vibes. You can drill your favorite potters within house plants. It will level up your hallway decor. If you have enough space, a large pot with indoor plants will look ravishing.

Look for ceramic pots with contrasting color patterns. Indoor plants don’t need much maintenance and can survive in natural light; for example, you can change the hallway vibe by bottling up creepers and letting them hang on furniture and curtain rods.

Carpet on The Floor

A rich carpet on the floor from wall to wall will be exquisite. It will give you a cushioning effect. Be it a traditional carpet or a modern rug with abstract designs. Something comforting on the feet is always a great idea.

If your overall setting of the hallway is bright and full, try a simple carpet. If the overall decor is simple, you can experiment with attractive colors and patterns. Suppose you don’t want it to be a carpeted walk. Reconsider your floor. You can install patterned mats or tiles.

Removable Wallpaper

Removable wallpapers are easy and trendy decor. They are becoming fashionable in the market. Their quality differs according to the price, and a suitable wallpaper can do wonders to your hallway wall. It’s an easy decor.

Beautiful abstract patterns, natural patterns, or vibrant be it any type of wallpaper; they will look very eye-catching. When you feel bored with the pattern, you can easily take it off anytime. There are only and only perks of installing a removable wallpaper.

Hang Curtains on The Door

Beautiful mesh curtains or subtle color curtains add richness to your hallway, an ample convenience. Curtains constantly change the mood of a space. Choose color and patterns wisely. 

If you want to go bold, let other things be calm in your hallway. For example, an elegant curtain rod and drapes from both sides will look so lavish. If you want the natural light to come in, be light on the color of the curtains. 

Final Words

The hallway is often considered an underestimated place of the house. However, it has a lot to say if you invest little time and creativity. By rethinking your space and borrowing things from your own home from other rooms, you can change the hallway. 

Don’t overdo things in your hallway. With clever little tips, make your space look more enormous and beautiful. 


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