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Cheap Ways to Redesign the House

Fireplace in house

When thinking of a complete redesign of your house, there is no need to break the bank. In fact, you can find a variety of great ways to redesign your house with only minimal costs involved. To help you get started reshaping your house into the place of your dreams, this guide has been created to outline six key ways. Read on now to learn how.

welcoming Front door entrance painted a bright yellow
welcoming Front door entrance painted a bright yellow

Paint the Front Door

First impressions matter. That’s why the first point of order should be your front door. Maybe you haven’t thought much about its color before and have let the paint flake a little. Find a color that you really like and use it to stamp your personality on the front of your house.

Stairway in a house
Stairway in a house

Install a Stair Runner

Carpeting the stairs completely can be very expensive. A cheaper option while still looking rather fancy is installing a stair runner that leads to the upstairs hallway. Perhaps find a color that complements the front door for a streamlined entrance into your own house.

Put in Place an Artificial Lawn

To get a whole new lawn but without the need for constant maintenance, why not consider putting in an artificial lawn? Artificial lawns can be a bit costly, but they make it up in the lack of maintenance needed compared to a real grass lawn. If you don’t think you can afford this because you are in debt, then there are options to bring that debt down. Using loans for debt consolidation, like those offered by OneMain Financial, streamlines your debts and means you only have one payment to think about every month, which can help you live more comfortably.

Clean out The Clutter

Many a time, it’s not that your house needs more. As popularised by Marie Kondo, it might actually need less. Take stock of all the clutter in your house and set a day to clear it. You will be surprised by how much your house will be transformed by removing paper lying around or clothes that haven’t been picked up or by getting rid of dust. You may even find a variety of objects that you no longer need. Perhaps you can sell them online for a reasonable price!


Purchase A New Rug

For a centerpiece that can transform a living room or front room, a nice rug can really change the entire vibe of a house. Find one with some great patterns or bold colors that really reflects who you are as a person, and you’ll be surprised by how it changes the look of your house.

Make a Sofa From Wooden Pallets

For a cool sofa idea, why not find an old wooden pallet, then simply throw some cushions on it? Without having to spend much money at all, you will find that you have a chic, ultra-modern-looking sofa that can be used for all types of purposes. This is a far cheaper option than trying to buy a new sofa at a department store!

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