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Best Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

Adjusting your home’s color palette can make selling your home easier without having to spend on a costly renovation project. Here are the best colors to use.

Selling your home often requires much more effort than it may seem. Renovations and smaller upkeep projects, like painting your house, can make a big impact on your ability to sell your home. When new buyers are looking to purchase a home, they must be able to imagine themselves in the home they are viewing. For this reason, neutral colors are the best paint colors to sell your home because they allow potential buyers to see your house as a blank canvas. Dark colors and colors that appeal to specific tastes can make it difficult for homebuyers to see their own lives and potential personal touches, making your home less desirable.   


Painting in grey apartment interior
Fireplace next to a grey corner sofa and table with tulips against white wall with painting in apartment interior

Grey paints are a great option for interior painting when looking to sell your home. Greys are neutral tones that add a cooler look to your interior rooms. Because grey tones make rooms look cooler, they also help brighten rooms, which can give small spaces a more open look. There has also been a trend over the last few years in interior painting to use more grey tones. By painting your interior this shade, you not only create a blank canvas for your homebuyers, but you also show that your home is updated with the latest trends on the market. Grey colors are great additions to any room, but they work especially well in kitchens and bedrooms.   


Pastel abstract painting on beige wall behind velvet pink settee in simple living room
Pastel abstract painting on beige wall behind velvet pink settee in simple living room

For a hint of color that won’t overwhelm home buyers, use a shade of taupe. Taupe is a great shade for living rooms to keep them neutral and sophisticated. Undertones such as grey, brown, or even lavender allow you to brighten or neutralize a living room based on the undertone chosen. These options give just enough personality to the room without distracting home buyers.  


Abstract paste blue and white painting on empty white wall behind beige couch with pillows
Abstract paste blue and white painting on empty white wall behind beige couch with pillows

White is a classic choice for painting your home during the resale process. White is extremely common, but not all white shades are the same. A bright, stark white can be unappealing to new home buyers as it may come off as too cookie-cutter or office-like. White tones also heavily depend on the lighting in the space. Off-whites are the best white option for interior painting as they are softer than traditional white, but yellow hues can make the room look old and outdated. Cream undertones can often make rooms look too dark or shaded as well. Blue and grey undertones offer a great balance to keep rooms looking bright and updated without the white color looking too clinical and bland. Look to use whites in smaller rooms such as bathrooms and offices when staging your home.   

Your home’s interior painting can make a big impact on reselling your home. Too dark or too vibrant of colors can detract buyers by fitting too specific of a buyer persona. To allow eager buyers to see the full potential of your home, prioritize grey, taupe, and white shades to make your home a blank canvas that newcomers can make their own. Finding the best paint colors to sell your home will make a big difference in your home’s overall appeal. 


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