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The Best Ideas For Building A Beautiful Basement Bedroom

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Look around your home right now and ask yourself whether you are happy. If there is one place in the world that you should be happy, it’s the home that you live in. At some point, we all look around and wish for more space. Some people choose to sell up and move on to a home that has the extra bathrooms and bedrooms that they need. Others see the value in renovation, and it’s in renovation your creative streak can really bubble to the surface. In the modern world of real estate, space is a commodity that you can trade with, as people are always looking for more room for their families. The one place that you can utilize for your family’s needs is the basement and building down for the beautiful bedroom that you’ve always wanted is a decision that you absolutely should make for your home. The best bit? It’s an option that doesn’t necessarily have to be hard to do and it doesn’t have to break the bank, either. You can use the space that you’ve already got: no planning permission needed, to make your beautiful bedroom an entire floor of your home. This makes it more than just a room; it can be a retreat away from the rest of the home that is entirely yours.

With a little creativity and a lot of organization, you can turn your dark basement used for storage into a light, bright and airy bedroom with built in wardrobe space and a bathroom just for you. Right now, you may be shaking your head and wondering how you can level your concrete down there without damaging your foundations, but don’t panic – there are experts for that. The basement space is one that isn’t utilized enough and now you get the chance to make that change and have a transformation that your whole family will be talking about. So, what should you be thinking about when you want to renovate the basement of your home?

It’s Chilly!

The basement is known for its chill and damp interior. The very basic thing that you need to complete for your basement is the insulation. While it’s nice to have a cool place to sleep, it doesn’t mean you want to feel the chill from the exposed brick walls come in, so it’s time to invest in insulation and plasterboard. It can really define your comfort for your basement and if it’s not done right, you’re going to have some very expensive mistakes to fix. It’s best to call in the experts here and get the insulation of your basement done right, so that you don’t undo everything when you’ve finished and it’s still chilly and damp! Wood is a great insulator, so think about using wooden panels for the walls to keep the cold out.

Style Choices.

A basement has the benefit of usually being a very unusual shape. Most of the time, the steps to the basement go to the middle of the room from the upper floors, which mean the room is shaped around the steps. This can give you some leeway when it comes to choosing where you want your bathroom and built in wardrobes to go. You can choose to leave some of the beams and elements exposed if you want to save some cash, but just make sure that any wood you leave exposed is treated properly. An accent concrete wall can give you an industrial look that most people spend a lot of money trying to imitate. Choose your style carefully, as everything from your furniture choices to your color picks will be what makes your basement look good – or not.

Visual Space.

The worst thing that you can do is create a bedroom and bathroom combo that shrinks the size of your basement. Some homes don’t have the luxury of having enough space for both, so there’s a chance that you could only have enough space for just a small bedroom rather than a large bedroom and ensuite. Perception is everything and when you have a smaller basement, you have to think about going for cleaner lines and with the right design, even the tiniest of additional bedrooms can look beautiful and elegant. There are so many little tricks for the eye to think that you’re working with a bigger space, and one of those is using patterns like chevrons and stripes to make the room look big.

Color Palette.

Basements tend not to have windows, with most homeowners installing spotlights instead. Painting the basement bedroom is important if you want to have a light space to work with. Add an accent wall to inject a little warmth in, but don’t go entirely dark with your color scheme. The last thing that you’ll want to do is close of a space that you’re trying to open up. Use a simple color scheme, two colors at the most so that the room doesn’t look too busy. Basements don’t have much in the way of natural light, so the airier you go with your color scheme, the better off you’ll be.

Accent It.

Your basement space, once decorated, will look beautiful, as long as you’ve given it a touch of opulence. The quality of the bedding, the mattress and the artwork that you use is going to have the visual impact that you really want to give. It can be a little haven right in your home, meaning that you can find that burst of tranquillity that you didn’t get at the top of the house. It’s a great way to find space for a break from the rest of the home.

Your basement can be beautiful, pull in more value and give you a space that you didn’t have before. Don’t discount the space under your home; use it and elevate it to be the most beautiful bedroom that you’ve ever had in the home. Take your time and plan it right!

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