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Become An Advocate Of Eco-Friendly Interior Design

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When you are planning the next stage of a home makeover, you may want to consider the latest piece of man-made and heavily manufactured industrial furniture to create that chic warehouse vibe, or you might fancy that designer table made out of an elusive wood. However, utilizing materials with high levels volatile organic compounds can be damaging to our health and purchasing products that contribute to the deforestation of animal habitats can be devastating for the environment. Instead, you should be flexing your sustainable muscles and advocating a more eco-friendly approach to your home renovations.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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One of the simplest ways to ensure that you have a limiting impact on the environment in your interior design is to bring an old piece of furniture back to life. What was fashionable in the swinging sixties is now very much in vogue. Designers like Ercol and G-Plan are seeing a renaissance simply because of their classic designs of nearly fifty years ago. If you are after a classic Scandinavian look like the ones seen at, you can pick up a Danish nest of tables or a Norwegian rocking chair for reasonable prices at auctions and thrift shops. Crisp lines, a minimalist feel and modern living all lend themselves to a mid-century vintage look.

Unlike the flat pack furniture of the modern age, vintage wardrobes and bookcases are well-built and ready-made. You’ll need to head to a removals comparison site like to find suitable carriers in your area to shift the TV unit you’ve got your eye on.

Go Natural

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If you’re keen on maximizing the natural light in your living space and you enjoy natural tones and hues, why not consider using greenery as part of your home decor. You can wave goodbye to plastics and mechanically made ornamental features and replace them with a yucca, bonsai or sculptural bamboo. When thinking about your flooring, don’t opt for the manufactured laminate and instead use the original floorboards that may be lurking underneath your old carpet. With a bit of restoration and a varnish, you could be making the most of an in-demand period feature.

Veer Away From Animal Derived Products

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It can be trickier than you think to design your home in a wholly eco-friendly way. For those giving their bedrooms a makeover, you might think nothing of purchasing the finest duvet and pillows that you can afford. However, duck down and goose feathered furnishings aren’t the greenest items you can buy. Instead, you should choose an alternative that is made using synthetic materials that feel exactly the same and provide the same level of luxury and comfort. This not only helps the environment but also those members of the household who suffer from allergies.

While it can be difficult to remain eco-conscious when considering interior design, the results really can be stunning. Give it a go and feel good about making a positive impact on the environment.


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