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What Is The Average Lifespan Of An Airconditioner?

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Almost everyone owns an air conditioner because of the comfort it brings. However, when it is out of sight, you can guarantee that it is also out of mind. If one of your appliances is still working perfectly fine, you do not pay much attention to it unless it starts to break down. Your air conditioner, for instance, needs TLC. 

While it is built to last, it does not mean that it will continue to operate efficiently without maintenance. There are factors that determine the longevity of your cooling system. Without regular maintenance, you can expect your unit to fail earlier than its life expectancy. If you own an air conditioner, it is important to know how long they are supposed to last. 

What is the average life expectancy of an air conditioner?

Due to the cost of a cooling system, it is worth knowing its life expectancy so you will know when to replace it or perform regular maintenance or tune-ups. Even if you schedule regular maintenance, your unit is still not immune to inefficiencies. Your system can experience normal wear and tear because of the frequency of use. 

The components will also start to break down because of their age. There are different factors that will play an important role in your cooling system’s condition. It is essential to document the dates of installation and service schedules as they can help you to stay prepared in case your unit needs repair or replacement. 

Factors that determine the longevity of your air conditioner

Type of Unit

The type of unit you have purchased is a factor that will help you determine how long your cooling system will last. Air conditioners come in various types. Some look like small portable devices that you simply plug into the wall while others are capable of cooling your entire home. You will need to consult with the manufacturer so you will know the lifespan of your system. 

By talking to a manufacturer, you will also understand the importance of calling an AC repair Dallas technician to perform a unit inspection. There can be problems that are causing your unit to become inefficient. If you are situated in a hot and humid area, your unit is expected to last anywhere from 7 to 14 years. There are also other factors that will impact the lifespan of your unit such as the age of your unit. Make sure that your cooling system has been properly installed and well-maintained for your unit to last longer. 

Unit Evaluation

The operational condition of your cooling system can also be gauged by your home’s humidity. When components are freezing or there is moisture on the unit, it means that there is a problem with your evaporator coil. You need to consult a licensed AC technician so your unit will undergo evaluation. Experienced and trained technicians will assess the performance of your unit using state-of-the-art technology. 

You should also take note of the impact of natural elements like very hot days or storms on the internal parts of your unit. These elements can cause your cooling systems to deteriorate faster than their life expectancy. If you live in a coastal environment where there is salt water in the air, your air conditioner will have a shorter lifespan. 

Monitoring and Regular Servicing

Both new and old cooling systems need regular monitoring and servicing. If you want to stay on top of air conditioner performance issues, you need to check with your manufacturer so you can obtain the most detailed and accurate information about your unit. When your unit receives regular service and an estimate of your system’s lifespan, you will have peace of mind because your unit will continue to run hassle-free even for many years to come. A broken cooling system should not get in the way of your home’s comfort. A cool home begins with an efficient air conditioner. 

Get into the habit of calling a licensed professional to check your unit. You can spare yourself from paying for expensive repairs if your unit receives regular servicing. AC professionals have the tools and training in cleaning your unit. Minor problems will be prevented and you can also be sure that you and your family will not be disturbed due to a broken cooling system in the middle of the night.

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