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Alternative Mediums To use Instead of Wrapping Paper

Alternative Mediums To use Instead of Wrapping Paper

When it comes to gift wrapping, you need to lean toward your more creative side to make something crafty. Of course, this means you can make things personal and have a touch of flare that you could only come up with. There are tons of alternative mediums to use instead of wrapping paper, so don’t go to the nearest gift store and spend all your money on something you could find at home.

Baskets and Jars

Old things lying around the house always make for the best gifting items. More accurately, they won’t be the gifts, but they’ll make beautiful gift holders. Examples include pretty wicker baskets or mason jars. By reusing things you might have at home, you can really get creative and showcase whatever you’re gifting by upscaling them to look as if they came from a specialty shop.

Bags and Fabrics

Old fabric bags are cherished by people from all over the world. (In fact, some areas of the world, such as Asia, used fabric to wrap their gifts as long as a millennia ago!) Maybe someone gave you a bag as a gift while you were on a holiday, or someone in your family handed one down to you. Whatever the case, these make the perfect items to gift with as they can serve multiple purposes and double as a gift themselves. The same can be applied to fabrics; you can take so many creative paths when you use fabric as part of the gift-wrapping process. You could create a mosaic with your fabrics or a patchwork pattern to wrap your gifts in.

Newspaper and Tissue

This method is tried and true. If you want to stick to keeping things simple and are also on a budget, then you can simply use old wrapping paper to wrap your gifts. This has been done for decades, and people still get excited when they receive gifts that are wrapped in newspaper. It’s fun, quirky, and unique. Wrapping a gift in newspaper makes it memorable. If you add tissue to the mix, it only adds to all the excitement—the recipient will be delighted when they get interesting newspaper on the outside of their gift and a surprise of colorful tissue on the inside. There are so many levels of gift-wrapping supplies that can be used for gifting.

Whatever you decide to go with, all these items are sound for wrapping and gift-giving. Gifts are special, personal things to give to someone, and wrapping symbolizes that. When you wrap a present with care, you also put some of your personality into the result. It is truly a beautiful sight to behold. There are so many alternatives to use instead of wrapping paper because you can put as much creative thought into it as you want.

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