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9 Tips for Displaying Your Diamond Paintings


Diamond painting is a popular and engaging hobby that involves placing tiny “diamonds” onto a pre-printed canvas, resulting in a sparkling and colorful work of art. Made from resin, the individual pieces used to create each painting also turn it into a three-dimensional piece of art that glimmers in the light.

These diamond paintings are often used as stunning home decor or gifted to loved ones. There are many ways to showcase your diamond art so it completes a room or makes a wall pop. Wondering how exactly to present your latest masterpiece to best advantage? Keep reading to discover nine tips for displaying your diamond paintings, including how to frame them, what to look for in diamond painting kits, and more.

  1. Choose the Right Size Canvas for Your Space

When selecting a diamond painting kit, consider the canvas size and the space where you plan to display the finished artwork. A larger canvas can make a bold statement in a room, while a smaller one may be perfect for a bookshelf or desk. Make sure tomeasure the space beforehand and choose a canvas that will fit well and not overwhelm the area.

  1. Consider the Colors of Your Painting

The colors in your diamond painting can also help you determine how it is displayed in a room. Consider the color scheme of the space where you plan to place the painting and choose a canvas that complements those colors. If your painting is primarily one color, consider placing it in a room with complementary colors and accents to make it stand out. You want the art to stand out but not clash with the other colors and decor in the room.

  1. Use a Frame to Showcase Your Painting

Framing your diamond painting both protects it and gives it a more polished look. When it comes to determining how to frame diamond art, there are lots of options. There are different types of frames, including traditional wooden styless, modern metal frames and much more. When selecting a frame, choose one that complements the style of the painting and the room where it will be displayed. If you’re unsure of the best framing method, consider having your artwork professionally framed. Many larger craft stores offer framing services and will frame your diamond painting in a manner that truly brings out its beauty.

  1. Add a Mat to Your Framed Painting
Source: Customdesigner/Shutterstock.com

If you go the do-it-yourself route, consider adding a mat rather than just framing the painting by itself. Adding a mat to your framed diamond painting can help to draw attention to the artwork and create a sleeker look. Doing so is also a good way to hide any rough edges. Choose a mat that complements the colors in the painting and the frame.

  1. Hang Your Painting at Eye Level

When determining where to put your diamond painting on the wall, make sure to hang it at eye level for optimal viewing. This means the center of the image should be around 60 inches from the floor. If you have multiple paintings to display, consider hanging them in a group to create a gallery wall.

  1. Use Lighting to Highlight Your Painting

The right lighting can markedly enhance the appearance of your diamond painting. Consider adding spotlights or other accent lights to draw attention to the picture and highlight its sparkle and shine. If you don’t want to install additional lighting, consider placing the painting near a window or other natural light source. Proper lighting is important when displaying any type of artwork, but it’s especially crucial for diamond art. Light will help your masterpiece beautifully shimmer and shine.

  1. Display Your Painting in a Shadow Box

A shadow box is a lovely way to display your diamond painting while protecting it from dust and other debris, like pet fur and dander. It is also a good way to protect your art from curious fingers. A shadow box is a deep picture frame with a glass cover, a bit like a display case, that allows you to display your 3-dimensional artwork while keeping it safe. Choose a shadow box that fits the size of your mosaic and complements the room where it will be placed.

  1. Use a Stand to Display Your Painting
Source: Maglara/Shutterstock.com

If you don’t want to hang your diamond painting on the wall, consider using a stand to display it on a table or shelf once framed. There are many different support styless to choose from, including easels, plate stands and more. If you have kids or pets, be sure to place the stand in an area without risk of damaging your art.

  1. Rotate Your Paintings to Keep Things Fresh

If you have multiple diamond paintings, consider rotating them periodically to keep things fresh and exciting. This can also help to protect the colorful drillss from fading or other damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight and other elements. Plus, it’s a great excuse to continue working on your favorite hobby! Store the paintings in a safe and secure location when not on display to keep them in good condition until you’re ready to bring them out again.

Closing Thoughts

Displaying your diamond paintings is fun and rewarding, especially when you take the time to choose the right canvas, frame and display method to showcase your artwork. Whether you decide to hang your paintings on a wall or display them on a table or shelf, following these nine tips will help you create a beautiful and personalized display that you will enjoy for years to come. With some creativity and attention to detail, you can showcase the true beauty of your completed diamond paintings.

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