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7 Creative and Must-try Mini Bar Designs if You’re on a Budget

For some of us, there’s nothing more refreshing than nabbing a nicely made cocktail after a long day of work. Let’s just say that if you love a good drink in the comforts of home, then you most certainly need your own mini bar. And you can do it on a budget too.

Must-try Mini Bar Designs

You have no shortage of places to purchase mini bar items from. There’s the internet, and there are also furniture stores that offer these items. But concocting your own mini bar lets you bring in personal touches, that would otherwise be nonexistent in store-bought furniture. Get creative with a DIY bar from scratch, or rely on furniture that only needs an instant upgrade.

#1 Floating Wall Shelves Mini Bar

MiniBar1Here’s your solution if you want a mini bar inside your small apartment. Tack a bunch of functional wall shelves to an empty wall space, and add your favorites. By clustering bottles of your favorite alcoholic drink on the shelves, you get a wall that feels like a bar without taking up any floor space. Complete the look by hanging a chalkboard over the display to tie the mini bar arrangement altogether.

#2 Drinks in a Vintage Case

VintageMiniBarThere’s no shortage of stuff you can use when it comes to creating your own mini bar. And with number two, we’re still sticking to the floating trend. Someone thought of using a vintage case as the main design element in this mini bar. And it’s beautiful, compact, decorative, functional, and oh so stylish.

#3 Tune In to Your Drinks

TVMiniBarWho says everything at the flea market or the thrift store is garbage? That’s certainly not true. Some genius turned this classic box TV into a mini bar and stocked it with everything a mini bar needs. And there’s no reason you can’t take inspiration out of this too. Just think about how cool that would look in your living room.

#4 Drinks in the Closet

MIniBarDecoistThis mini bar idea is ideal if you have a family, and you want to keep all the fragile materials and breakable stuff away from the reach of children. Also, it looks very charming when you open the doors of the modified closet and reveal glasses and bottles of liquor. And by adding a full-sized mirror in the background and some accent lights, you can turn a once drab closet into something charming.

#5 Replicate a Bar Cart

BarCartTurn a bar cart into a mini bar. It’s probably one of the easiest and most budget-friendly way you can create a mini bar. Grab a couple of stickers and grab an accent signage to stick on your mini bar cart.

#6 Just Hang Wall Art

MiniBarCartPick your favorite table. Seriously. Take any piece of furniture that occupies floor space. And if you have an empty wall space, that’s all the better. Get your favorite piece of wall art and hang it up. You can choose wall art with funny quotes, decals, or the traditional ones with canvas.

Platforms you can use for this include:

  • The detached top of a red wagon.
  • Bar cart made of metal pipe pieces and wood boards.
  • DIY mini bar by stacking cinder blocks and wood boards.
  • Side tables with new paint jobs.

#7 Mini Bar Out of a Weathered Door

VintageMiniBar2Create your very own rustic bar. If you have an old door sitting around your garage, you can turn that charming vintage door into a mini bar. Attach shelves and balusters to house your liquor and your favorite glasses. It’s going to require some handiness skills. And finally, to recreate the aesthetic, you can paint it however you wish.

Repurposed Mini Bars

Whichever one of these brilliant ideas you decide to choose, customizing mini bars can let you create one that would suit your needs. For storage, displaying your most-prized liquor, or just to provide a good spot to relax and chill when you get home. It’s time to create your own mini bar.


Katherine Belle is a contributor at Enjoy Canvas. She goes to great lengths to seek out new interior designs every time. She likes reading, designing, and of course, writing about interior design.



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