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6 Stylish Ways to Transform Your Lifeless Backyard into a Safe Haven

There are backyards and then there are backyards. Merely owning a backyard can hardly be considered an advantage unless you decorate to fit your needs and most homeowners have a single purpose in mind: rest. This outdoor section of your home should really be all about attaining that peace and quiet that escapes us is so many other aspects of life.

house 1450586 1920Coming home after a long day at work, pouring a drink and lounging outside until sundown is a luxury not everyone can afford. That’s why a backyard, slash safe haven, should become an exterior design goal and here are 6 way in which you can transform your backyard today!

Vertical gardening

Adding a garden to the backyard is a real must because there are countless health benefits stemming (pun intended) from a garden and gardening in general. Instead of going for a usual small garden in one corner of your property, try to create a vertical garden leaning against the fence.

Not only will a garden wall maximize the use of space but it will provide with a wonderful background to the lounge to. Add to this the benefit of stopping noise pollution and dirt from penetrating your oasis of peace and you get the perfect backyard improvement.

A “no-mow” yard

A verdant garden is often associated with a lawn whose color green will match that of the rest of the backyard. However, in many places around the globe, there are water issues that prevent the lawn from being watered properly. These patches of green might look nice but they gulp huge quantities of water, skyrocketing the final maintenance cost.

This is the main reason why you should give a “no-mow” backyard a try. This time of landscaping, better known as a xeriscape is drought-tolerant and it requires only rain for watering. Such a lawn is maintenance-free by default but it will still look nice if you plant the right flora like various cacti species.

Adding an egg swing chair

A hammock is one of the most obvious backyard additions that will help you transform this space in a matter of minutes. However, they are very safe for children to use. Luckily, there is an alternative in the form of a freestanding egg swing chair. Nowadays, they can be purchased ready-made at any garden center and place anywhere inside the garden you see fit. Wouldn’t it be cool to cuddle up inside one when you feel the whole world is out to get you!

Awnings for the windows

There is one part of the backyard that people usually overlooked because it’s an integral part of the house. Window awnings never get installed because homeowners never bother to look that way but what a difference awning can make. In fact, adjustable outdoor awnings come with user-adjustable pitch so are bound to be well-protected from the sun. And if you are worried about strong winds, then rest sure because they are made using Titan Flex technology whose name speaks for itself.

Paver stone pathways

architecture chairs contemporary decorations 238377A backyard can often be large in size so you are likely to get mud on your shoes going from one end to the other. That’s why pathways are a neat addition because they allow you to use the garden even when the ground is wet. Use simple paver stone tile to crisscross the garden with walkways. As an alternative, you can use polished beach pebbles that are available for purchase at large garden centers.

Bohemian furniture for the patio

afternoon architecture chairs contemporary 271815In terms of furniture design inspiration for the patio, you cannot go wrong with implementing a Bohemian style. It comes with a timeless value that places it outside all the epochs so it will never go out of fashion. Furthermore, its stylish look is combined with a fairly low price as you can acquire it at a garage or a yard sale. Just make sure the sofa is comfortable enough to sit and sleep in.

The 6 stylish ideas listed here are bound to breathe life into the dullest of the backyard. Once you create a green wall, install outdoor awnings, and throw in an egg swing, your backyard will be upgraded to an oasis of tranquillity.


This is a contributed post by Patrick Adams, Freelance writer and blogger, Sydney, Australia



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