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5 Tips for Creating Your First Home Office

With more and more of us working on our own schedules, or with the ability at least to work from home on occasion, the need for a home office has never been in demand. While this might not sound like an overly complicated task, it’s less straightforward than many of us realize. It’s not easy to create an office in which we can work to our full capacity, especially when it’s in a home that is otherwise supposed to be relaxing and entertaining. Below, we take a look at five tips for creating a home office that’ll help you to produce your best work.

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Choosing the Space

Location is mightily important when it comes to a home office. It needs to be somewhere where you won’t easily be distracted, and in a room that, you know, looks like it could be office (the garage, unless it has been expertly converted, won’t work). If you have the choice, try to put in a tucked away corner of the home. A loft conversion is actually an excellent place for a home office, because it’s out of the way, can receive natural light, and usually isn’t used for anything else anyway.

Getting the Essentials

There are certain practical concerns when it comes to your home office. You’ll need the right home internet connection, a computer, a desk and chair, and other office essentials. Make sure you’re buying all of these essentials with your business, and not comfort, in mind. Just because you’re a home-based business, that doesn’t mean you can’t select business broadband; indeed, the high-speed and other benefits of this type of service may be essential for working productively and to a high standard. Getting a reliable home internet connection gives you a head start with your WFH initiative. However, that’s only the beginning when it comes to the basic needs.

Added tech, such as a printer, telephone, and stationary, should also be present.

Follow the Office Lighting Rules

It’s very often the small things that can make the biggest difference when it comes to productivity. Take lighting. Too light, and you’ll need to take a break just to give your eyes a rest. Too dark, and you’ll feel too relaxed to work! It’s a good idea to cultivate natural lighting, spot lighting, and decorative lighting in your home office. With these included, then you’ll have a space that puts you into the working frame of mind from the moment you sit down in your chair.

Inspiring Views

A dark, cold room will not inspire you to work well. There has to be a touch of inspiration if we’re going to work our best! As such, look at adding a touch of color to proceedings. You can paint the walls a bright color, or add a favorite piece of art. If possible, try to position your desk in front of a window – there’s nothing quite as beautiful as a view of nature!

Add a Touch of Comfort and Playfulness

Finally, don’t make your office all work, work, work. Add a touch of comfort and playfulness to the room, and you’ll be much more likely to tolerate those long working hours that are necessary to building a successful business.  

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