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5 Luxury Extensions to Enhance Your Backyard

Home extensions add considerable value to your home. Luxury options such as a patio or winter garden can also help to enhance the look of your backyard. They create a connection between your home and outside space and are also perfect for entertaining guests. Stand-alone conversions such as repurposed sheds or glass box extensions are also a fabulous addition. Here are five luxury extensions to enhance your backyard.

Patio extension

A patio extension is a perfect way to enjoy the view of your yard from a more luxurious space. It’s also a lovely place to entertain or spend time with your family. You can choose between luxury concrete or wooden decking, and select stylish furniture to complete the project. Get in touch with a patio contractor, to find out what upgrades would be best for your patio.

Shed conversion

Shed conversions are trending right now and probably the cheapest possible space to renovate in your house. You could transform it into a playhouse for your children, or a game room. It could even be turned into a tiny hideaway or micro-living space. Here are some ideas for upgrading your shed this summer.  

A new shed could even add more value to your home. Consider it an investment for the future, if you’re considering selling one day. Install heating and security features for much less than you would need to on your house, and use it as an extra bedroom or even a home office.

Winter garden

A winter garden is a nice addition because it’s somewhere between outside and inside. The glass walls will give you a lot of natural light, which makes it a lovely place to sit on sunny days. Many people use it as a function room to entertain guests. You’ll have a great view of the yard as well, but still, be protected from the elements. You can check out some examples online, but it will definitely enhance your backyard. 

Adjoining land

Instead of extending the building into the house why not extend your yard itself? If you have the option you could buy some adjoining land and use stylish landscaping ideas to maximize the space. A larger backyard will add significant value to your home, and if you’re the outdoorsy type, you’ll get plenty of use out of it. With more space, you could even consider other luxury additions such as a hot tub or a pool.

Glass box extension

Consider a glass box extension to really add style and a modern flair to your backyard. Extension projects made entirely out of glass are an ideal way to add space and light. Technological advances in the glass and windows industry now mean that you can create a box extension completely out of energy-efficient glass, that won’t feel like a greenhouse.

Whichever you decide for your property, a rear extension can enhance the flow of the house into the garden. Luxury additions such as these will add significant style and value to your home.


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