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5 Design Ideas for a Functional Laundry Room

laundry room with a washing machine

Although laundry rooms aren’t usually people’s favorite spaces, they’re one of the most important. Plus, it’s not like anyone wants to scrub out dirt and grass stains for hours on end. But when your area looks and feels put-together and practical, you may discover a new love for this chore.

By transforming your space, you can remove the hassle from washing clothes. Here are five ideas for an attractive yet organized laundry room:

laundry room design1. Extend the Countertops

If you want to save square footage, you should stack your washer and dryer. But for those of you who plan to set front-load appliances side by side, here’s a nifty trick. You can install more counter space above them so that you can fold clothes and stack items.

The countertop creates an upside-down “U” shape — there’s a shelf on either side and above the washer and dryer. Your machines should fit inside perfectly. Subsequently, you’ll have a worktable to use for whatever you need. Feel free to make your own or purchase a cabinet elsewhere. Just be sure to choose the right materials and measure accurately beforehand.

2. Use Hooks and Hangers

Often, our laundry rooms become catch-alls for random objects. That said, you don’t need to clog up precious cupboard space — use your walls instead. When arranged correctly, a few hooks can look terrific. Plus, they’re easy to access. You can try a pegboard for effortless removal. After you install your hooks, hang up brooms, bags and brushes.

Similarly, an extension rod works wonders. If there’s space between your cabinets, place a few rods to hold heavier articles on hangers. These are perfect for bulky winter coats that need to air dry.

3. Remember to Add a Sink

If you plan to renovate your laundry room, don’t forget to set aside space for a utility sink. They’re instrumental when you need to handwash especially delicate items or pre-soak stained pants or shirts.

Additionally, many people like that they’re handy for other chores — no one wants to wash their dog’s toys in the kitchen or bathroom. You could also use it as a way to clean up before you head indoors.

Try to place the sink close to your appliances to create a room with maximum efficiency. Otherwise, it’ll be a pain to walk back and forth across the room unnecessarily.

4. Try Baskets and Jars

laundry room design basketsA lot of cabinet space certainly helps, but an organized storage system does, too. You can use baskets to hold extra towels, cloths and rags. They’re also terrific for paper products and other supplies that need to be within reach. Of course, wire or cloth baskets look lovely, so you won’t have to skimp out on any design aspects. Try to arrange them on open shelves.

Clear glass jars provide form and function. You could fill them with laundry pods, liquid detergent and more. They’re handy for clothespins as well. Plus, these containers are sustainable, so you can opt for eco-friendly refills when they’re available. If you want to add a spout to the front, you can dispense soap into cups for each wash. Make sure to label every jar so that you know what’s what.

5. Keep Hampers Nearby

White cotton towels on a rattan box against black wall in a laundry.
White cotton towels on a rattan box against black wall in a laundry.

Your house probably has a hamper in each bedroom or bathroom. It’s essential to keep one in your laundry room as well. This way, your family can dump dirty clothes and shoes on the go. If you want to be even more organized, use a laundry basket that doubles as a sorter. Then, everyone can sort their items by whatever system you decide to create.

You could even try a built-in laundry cabinet that tilts outward to collect clothes. There’s a ton of possibilities out there regarding stylish hampers. When it comes time for a new laundry basket, you can repurpose the old one in a few different ways.

Use These Suggestions for an Organized Space

laundry room design storageYour laundry room doesn’t have to feel cluttered or dysfunctional. With these design tips, you can create an impressive space.

Holly Welles is a freelance writer and the editor of The Estate Update, a home décor blog for new homeowners. Her work has been published in Today’s Homeowner, and other web magazines.

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