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4 Essential Tips for Attending a Virtual Baby Shower

You can still celebrate your loved ones this baby shower season—it’ll just look a bit different. Here are some tips for attending a virtual baby shower.

Baby Shower
Baby Shower

Spring and early summer tend to be baby shower season, but it’s looking a little different this year. Rather than being able to head to someone’s house to spread love, positivity, good health, and great gifts to the mom-to-be, you’re stuck at home. However, that doesn’t mean the showering can’t go on. Thankfully, with technology at your fingertips, you can still host or attend these joyful events. If you have one coming up, here are some tips for attending a virtual baby shower that you need to have in your back pocket. Check them out!

Stay Focused on Mom

The most important tip for attending a virtual baby shower is ensuring you stay focused on the mom. It’s easy to get sidetracked during virtual chats, but do your best to help the host keep the focus on the mom-to-be. Virtual meetings aren’t the most authentic of places, but if you try to make it seem like a true baby shower and not a catch-up session, the experience will be better for everyone.

Send Your Gift in Advance

Baby shower
Baby shower

Your friend will still appreciate your gift even if you’re not there for everyone to ooh and aah about it. Just make sure you send your gift far enough in advance so that it can get to Mom before the virtual party. Remember, sometimes the best present is one that works better for the momma than the baby. For example, you can send her a lovely playpen that will keep the baby safe while Mom gets things done. Whatever gift you choose, make sure to send it in time.

See How You Can Help the Host

When it comes to planning the party, see how you can help the host. Although the party is online and not in the same spruced-up locale it would’ve been otherwise, any party host still needs help from various hands. You can help the host in a few different ways—you can help with game ideas, keep the timing on track, or send along thank-you notes afterward. Here are some game ideas we love:

  • Guess the Number (the host holds up jars filled with sweets and asks people to guess the number)
  • Name That Baby Song (the host plays different nursery rhymes and gets guesses from guests)
  • How Well Do You Know Mom? (use online quiz templates)

Bring a Smile and Positivity

Lastly, do your best to bring smiles and positivity to the party. Virtual meetings can get quite draining, but try not to let that show at the party. This time is already going to feel weird for the mom and for the guests, so if you encourage light and happiness, then other people will follow suit. Of course, if you have to force positivity and authenticity, then it might be a good idea to come a bit late so that you can come with a positive attitude.

Things look different now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the ones around you. Bring some love and happiness to your momma-to-be!


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